Line 6 Shuriken Variax Overview

Shuriken Variax

When it comes to playing guitar, most players will rely on three key things… The guitar, the amp, and effects pedals. Most of the time a guitar will be chosen based on look and feel, but tone obviously matters as well. You would want something that not only looks good but also feels right when playing. Next up, the amp. Selecting an amp is very important, this is going to be your base raw tone that is projecting. Whether you are looking for a bright and sparkly clean tone or a nice gritty overdrive. You will need an amp that you enjoy as a foundation of your sound. Last, but certainly not least we have your effects pedals. These are going to be the shaping of your tone and the driving force of what your music will sound like.  Well, what if I were to tell you that you could avoid all of this by purchasing one guitar? No, I’m not trolling. There is such a guitar, the Line 6 Shuriken Variax is an absolute beast for live playing or tracking! AMS is offering an exclusive run of the Shuriken Variax SR250 and the SR270 in Premium Trans Black.

Line 6 Shuriken Variax

Alright so let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? The Line 6 Shuriken Variax is a modeling guitar that came to be from a collab between Shuriken Guitars, Line 6, and Yamaha. Offering a unique take on a body shape that not only looks good but is comfortable to play. Additionally, for all you spec nerds out there, they have Indian Ebony fretboards, custom mid-gain humbuckers and a whole bunch of Variax HD technology. All Shuriken Variax guitars come with a Shuriken premium padded gig bag.

Variax Shuriken

Line 6 Shuriken Variax SR250 HD Modeling Guitar Features

  • 25.5-inch scale length
  • Indian ebony fretboard
  • A wide range of guitar models and alternate tunings via Variax HD modeling
  • VDI connection for use with Helix, POD HD, and Firehawk modelers
  • Shuriken premium padded gig bag

Line 6 SR270 Variax Shuriken HD Modeling Baritone Guitar Features

  • Based on an original design by Stevic of Twelve Foot Ninja
  • 27 inch scale length provides increased sonic range
  • Indian ebony fretboard
  • Wide range of guitar models and alternate tunings via Variax HD modeling
  • Custom onboard guitar model and tuning presets created by Stevic MacKay
  • Optimized for use with Line 6 modelers such as the Helix, POD HD, and Firehawk families
  • Shuriken premium padded gig bag

Variax HD Technology

Shuriken Variax

So let’s talk about this technology. What makes this guitar so great? Well, the Variax HD technology allows you to open a doorway into tone heaven. What I mean is that you can instantly access the sounds of dozens of legendary electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and other fretted instruments. And it is as simple as twisting a knob. Oh yeah, did I mention that you can switch between alternate tunings just as easily? Not only does this guitar offer different virtual instruments and tones but it is also a virtual capo. Additionally, you can design your own custom instruments and tunings alike and load them directly into the guitar as a preset by using the free Workbench HD app.

Beyond The Orthodox

So although you could easily plug this guitar into any rig and have it sound amazing, pairing them with Line 6 effects such as the Helix Line or a POD would unlock their full tonal potential. Since they are from the same brand they are very easy to combine and customize. Lastly, you can create even further unique and custom tunings and amp, effect and guitar model settings and it is simple as tapping a footswitch! As I said, there are usually a few components that go into choosing the right guitar, this guitar takes out most of the guesswork. As if that wasn’t enough, AMS has that exclusive run colorway of Premium Trans Black in both the SR250 and SR270. Don’t sleep on these guitars.

Check out the AMS Exclusive Run of the Shuriken Variax Guitars Here!