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We figured it was about time to write an article about Martin Guitars and the different series they offer. Today we are going to cover a few from entry level all the way up to professional touring ready. Those are the X Series, Road Series, Standard Series, the 17 Series and one special guitar from the 15 Series.  If you are in the market for Martin you might want to check out this article.

X Series

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Martin’s X Series is their most affordable series of guitars. By utilizing a high-pressure laminate back and sides they are able to create an inexpensive, rough-and-ready guitar. The X Series is for the player who seeks beauty, durability, and tone without breaking the bank. Some guitars from the X Series are the 000X1AE, DX1AE, and OX2MAE.

Road Series

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The ultra-affordable Road Series guitars are designed with the budget-conscious player in mind. They are modestly priced while still being durable and robust. All while maintaining that great tone and extreme ease of playability. These guitars can withstand the rigors of the road so you don’t have to worry about touring. Additionally, they sound exceptional in the studio making them a great recording guitar. Combine that with Fishman electronics and you have got yourself one sweet package. Some guitars from the Road Series are the GPCRSGT, DRS1, and the DRS2.

Standard Series

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Such examples of simple vintage-inspired elegance include the 000-18 with its beautiful aging toned top and pre-war era features. Then you have the D45 with its ornate hand inlaid pearl and premium tonewoods. Martin’s expansive Standard Series encompasses the most popular models. This is a selection of guitars that are perfect for the intermediate to advanced player. Whether it’s the massive bottom end and balanced articulate highs of the D28 or the powerful response and volume of a J-40. You can hear and feel over 180 years of guitar building experience in every note. The D28, D35 and 00-28 are some of the Martin Standard Series guitars.

17 Series

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The 17 Series is a resurrection. A blast from the past brought into modern times. Paying homage to their early Style 17 guitars, Martin is making two new models. First, there’s a Dreadnought, with a fat bottom end and articulate highs. Next up you have a 000-12 Fret, that produces a tight, focused sound that’s great for finger or flatpicking. Some models to check out from the 17 Series are the 00017, 00L17 and 0017S.

D15M Streetmaster

Martin GuitarsLast but not least we have the D15M Streetmaster which is part of Martin’s 15 Series. The D-15M Streetmaster produces a big powerful sound and has look and feel of a well-played instrument. The D-15M StreetMaster model is built to the same specifications as the D-15M model but Martin has added a beautifully distressed satin finish. Martin’s striking 15 Series is comprised of instruments constructed exclusively of solid mahogany. This includes the back, sides, neck, and top.

Thus concludes our article on Martin guitars by series. We hope that this helps to answer any questions you may have had and helps you to learn a little something. Martin offers a little something for everyone from all price points ranging from beginner to professional touring musician.