52 Years At Martin Guitars! Dan Shook Interview


Five Decades At Martin Guitars

Fifty-two years is a long time, it is 18,993 days to be exact. Think of all the things that can change over the course of five decades. The cost of a house, cost of a car, gas prices, the list goes on. To put things into perspective; the cost of a home in 1966 was on average $23,300.00, the cost of a new car was $2,650.00 and the average annual income was $6,900. It is almost hard to wrap your head around while comparing to the cost of things today. Some things, however, do not change over time. One great example of this is Dan Shook from Martin Guitars. Dan has spent five decades at Martin! 52 years total, and he has loved every moment of it. For some, I am sure it is hard to imagine doing anything for fifty years, especially staying at a job. But I supposed the age-old adage is true… Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

In The Beginning

When Dan first started at Martin he used to stuff newspapers into the guitars to keep the interior safe from the finish. This process has changed a lot over the last 52 years as you can imagine. Dan is now the one actually finishing the guitars opting now for a sponge and cup as his tools due to advances in technology. Currently, Dan is now in charge of customer repairs, and he says it is his favorite job he has held over the years. He explains that this job is never a dull moment and never monotonous. Every guitar is completely different and challenging in its own way. One thing is exponentially clear while watching this interview with Dan, he loves what he does. Though he mentions some horror stories regarding repairs over the years you can tell it is all love. Perhaps the coolest part of Dan’s job is the fact that he gets to handle and repair famous guitars played by amazing Martin musicians.

A Name You Can Trust

Steeped in history, CF Martin continues the tradition founder Christian Frederick Martin Sr. began more than a century and a half ago of steadfast adherence to high standards of musical excellence. Martin not only set the industry standard with the 14-fret acoustic guitar, but they were also the innovators behind the now ubiquitous “Dreadnought” guitar, with their D18 and D28 Martin Dreadnoughts remaining industry champions alongside their 000 and Performing Artist series.

Martin Til’ The End

There is something very special that can be said about music, and its effect on people. This can be evidenced by Dan, who has worked for Martin for 52 years. Music unites people, and it somehow blends the lines between work and pleasure. So though many things have changed over the years, something have not and we think that’s pretty great. Dan found a job that doubles as a passion and Martin has a dedicated and hardworking employee. Martin is a company that is the go-to name in acoustic guitars for many people, I think Dan’s loyalty can help to explain why.


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