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Martin Miller

Martin Miller Background

Martin Miller is a professional guitar player, composer, and producer from Germany, who recently teamed up with Ibanez to release his signature guitar, the Ibanez MM1.  From a young age Martin was surrounded by music thus he decided to pick up the guitar during elementary school. In his late teens, he started taking music more seriously and several years and later attended the renowned Carl-Maria-von-Weber college of music in Dresden. Martin has played in a lot of bands with a lot of different musicians, an invaluable learning experience.  This has undoubtedly helped to shape not only his style but also his commitment to music. In 2010 Martin received his diploma in guitar and music pedagogy. Martin notes that things have come full circle with Ibanez and Laney, as they were brands he has been using for years.

Ibanez MM1Ibanez MM1

The Ibanez MM1 based on the AZ line released at Winter NAMM 2018.  The MM1 has a slew of great features including An S Tech neck with a baked maple finish with stainless steel frets and Gotoh locking tuners.  Additionally, this guitar features a different headstock that a typical Ibanez.  This is a striking addition that helps add a little something to the MM1.  Two Seymour Duncan Hyperion humbuckers specifically designed for the MM1 are included along with a 5-way switch.  Also included is a dynamic switch that rewires the entire guitar creating a total of 10 tonal varieties.  Some that are neither humbucker nor single coil, neither neck nor bridge. The Ibanez MM1 also features a Gotoh/Ibanez designed tremolo.  Finally, this guitar features a mahogany body with a flame maple top.   All of these features combined make this guitar really stand out against the rest and are sure to give any guitarist something to sink their teeth into.

Wrap Up

Martin’s debut album, entitled The Other End came out today, February 22nd.  So if you are a fan of Martin, or if you just need some new tunes to listen to this album is sure to be worth checking out.  Finally, the Ibanez MM1 is an ax that sounds just as good as it looks, if not better!  Whether you are a fellow shredder or just love the look of the MM1, you are getting an amazing guitar designed by an amazing artist.  Featuring a mahogany body with a maple top, baked maple neck, and stainless steel hardware.  The Ibanez MM1 has a clean and pristine look that will deliver crushing low end and pristine highs.


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