Martin Titanium Core Guitar Strings

Titanium Core Strings

Titanium Core Strings

Guitar strings are one part of playing guitar that can either be a nuisance or a treat. On one hand, guitar strings are essentially the lifeblood of the instrument. Their vibrations causing the notes to ring out, thus allowing music to be created. But on the other hand they are easy to break and if broken at the wrong time can be a real pain. Additionally, there is an insane amount of different strings on the market today. Well, Martin has set out to take away some of the headaches of choosing for you! Introducing the Martin Titanium Core Strings! They deliver the ultimate guitar playing experience by utilizing patented technology only available from Martin. Additionally, the Titanium Core strings feature industry-leading stability and superior corrosion resistance. So long gone are the days of strings getting worn out too quickly.

Why Titanium?

Well for starters, titanium is the ninth most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. Some minerals containing Titanium are Rutile, Ilmenite, and Sphene. English amateur geologist, Rev. William Gregor, discovered Titanium in 1971. He found some black, metallic sand in a creek bed, and after he analyzed it discovered it to be a mixture of magnetite and a new metal. Gregor had originally called it Manaccanite for the parish in which he’d discovered the sand. Though today, we obviously know it to be called Titanium which was named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth after the Titans of Greek mythology.

Titanium Core Strings

Wrap Up

So again, you might ask yourself, why should I buy these strings? Martin employs a unique process that ensures improved coupling and consistent gaps between the round core wire and the wrap wire which results in superb intonation. A pure nickel wrap allows Titanium strings to remain naturally corrosion resistant and hold their tone for an exceptionally long time. Furthermore, Titanium core wire is round, not hex, for enhanced flexibility. The plain strings are also unique to this product, as they are feature cryogenic treated stainless steel. The cryogenic treatment protects the string and brings out more brilliance in the stainless steel. Titanium is more flexible than steel, which provides a most comfortable play-ability while remaining extremely resilient and durable. These strings are no joke and will add a new layer to your guitar playing without a doubt.


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