Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon – PRS Artist

Matt Scannell

Vertical Horizon

If you grew up in the late 90s than you are most likely familiar with Vertical Horizon. They are an alternative rock band that helped to shape the airwaves of popular music for years and continues to do so today. You may know such hit songs as Everything She Wants and You’re A God. But things weren’t always that great, it was seven years before lead singer and guitar player Matt Scannell’s songs became the radio hits that brought the popular grassroots band to national attention.

Who Is Matt Scannell?

Matt Scannell was born in February, the year of 1970. Matt is an American musician, singer, songwriter, guitar player. Scannell is the vocalist, lead guitarist, primary songwriter, and founding member of Vertical Horizon. He is also a fan of PRS guitars. Known for their quality, versatility and gorgeous looks, PRS guitars are one of the top choices for many musicians touring and recording.

Matt Scannell

The Formation

Matt Scannell is a native of Worcester, Massachusetts. From a young age, he knew he loved music and was actually given his first guitar when he was seven years old. Fast forward a few years, and Matt enrolled at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. It was here along with friend and bandmate, Keith Kane that he formed Vertical Horizon. The two played local gigs around the D.C. area to get their music out and develop a name for themselves.

Matt Scannell

Wrap Up

So like I said before, Matt Scannell is a man who enjoys a quality guitar, which is why he plays PRS. He has been known to play the Single Cut McCarty as his mainstay. He likes how PRS guitars can provide a vintage tone out of a brand new out of the box guitar. PRS is a name that is known for greatness.

Matt Scannell

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