How To Mic Up Your Kick Drum – Audix D6 Microphone

Kick Drum Mic

Kick It

In this video, epic percussionist Mike Snyder talks kick drums. He uses an Audix D6 and shows you how he achieves great tone from this mic. He discusses positioning the mic and the different tones you will get. The Audix D6 is his desert island drum mic and gives him consistent and reliable tone.

Kick Drum Mic

This is one example of a great kick drum mic. There are other legendary mics like a Shure Beta 52A and AKG D112. Any of the three will help capture great tone. Depending on the kick drum mic or the other mics you have, you might want to stay with mics of the same brand. This isn’t a necessity but the eq of the same branded mics might work better together. Shure SM57 have been used for over 50 years on toms, snares, and hi-hats.


If you are looking to keep your mics branded together, you can check out one of the Drum Mic Kits. These are all in one kit that has a mic to capture your kit. They come in different sizes and you should choose which size based on the number of drums you have. Drum mic kits start at about $200 and go up in price. The entry level packs come with tom/snare mics, small diaphragm condensers for overheads, and a kick drum mic. The variations in these kits are normally the number of tom/snare mics that you get.

What Else?

When looking to mic your drums, here are some other things to look at. Do you have the right drum mounts for the mics? If you are buying a new kit, they normally come with the drum mounts. Do I have enough stands and are they the correct size? You will need one or two low profile stands. One for the kick drum and one for the snare drum. You will also need two tall stands for your overhead mics. These are the mics that will pick up your cymbals. Make sure you have everything you need before you go to the gig. Most venues have beat up mics that are heavily used. These are not always likely to capture a great performance, so having your own set will help ensure you capture a great performance.

A handy how-to for micing your kick drum using Audix D6 Microphones.


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