Mojave Nomads

Mojave Nomads

Biography and Introduction

Mojave Nomads, a five-man group based in Ogden, Utah, bested 2,099 other entrants to be selected as the winning artist for AMS and Reverb Nation’s Catch a Break performance opportunity.  As the “Black Sheep” of the Utah Music Scene, Mojave Nomads are shaking things up in a region predominantly dominated by pop music culture. The band made their live debut on Halloween 2014, and recorded their EP “Black Sheep” at Indie/Folk artist Joshua James’ Willamette Mtn Studio a few months later. The success of “Black Sheep” led to spins on national indie radio stations, appearances on local news/radio outlets and a number of high-profile gigs. The band has also opened for national touring acts such as Highly Suspect, Smallpools, Run River North, James Supercave and Algiers. Their “Catch a Break at AMS” win promises to bring the band additional exposure and national recognition.


Band Interview

Mojave Bass



Mojave Nomads describe their sound as being indie rock with 80’s influences.  That being said they also state their influences range from hip hop on one end of the spectrum to Tool on the other end.  Mojave Nomads have been utilizing Reverb Nation since the formation of the band.  As a band, Mojave Nomads said they would like to be able to support themselves fully as musicians and pursue their dreams to continue making music.

Catch A Break


Absolut Elyx

Mojave Nomads performed before an audience of industry insiders in New York City on Wednesday, September 27, 2017 as part of their “Catch a Break at AMS” opportunity. Organized by AMS and sponsored by QSC, Ampeg, D’Angelico, Orange, On-Stage, Shure, D’Addario, Evans and Pro-Mark, the event took place at the luxurious D’Angelico Showroom, a midtown Manhattan performance space.  Absolut Elyx sponsored the event and provided delicious signature cocktails along with decor that added even more prestige.  The evening was a smashing success and was enjoyed by everyone in attendance.  Mojave Nomads than showed off their chops and played for a packed room while wielding their brand new gear. The concert consisted of a two song performance followed by the band mingling with brand reps and all guests. The room had a sense of both intimacy and elegance while the band played, and the performance went off without a hitch.

Mojave Nomads Performance

As the winners of the Catch a Break at AMS contest Mojave Nomads not only won the chance to perform in front of industry insiders and brand reps, but also took home an amazing price package that will most definitely set the band up for further success and was worth a whopping $12,379! The members of Mojave Nomads got to peruse the showroom and select a guitar and bass of choice. Alongside the new guitar and new bass they also got a full new setup of their entire rig.  The grand prize package included the following equipment:

Mojave Guitar

  • 2 QSC K.2 K12
  • QSC TM-30 Mixer
  • Ampeg SVT7Pro
  • Ampeg SVT 6×10 cab
  • D’Angelico Premier or Excel Guitar of winners Choice
  • D’Angelico Premier or Excel Bass of the winners Choice
  • Orange Rocker 32 Tube Combo
  • Shure Mic Package 3×57-3×58, 1x DrumPack PG Alta
  • Daddario 1 box of Guitar strings/box of Bass Strings/ 4 cables
  • Evans Heads and ProMark Stick Brick
  • On-Stage Stand Package

Mojave Nomads

Wrap Up

This was a unique experience in the sense that it gave an up and coming band a chance in the spotlight to perform for and network with industry reps, but it also gave them a chance to further their careers with brand new gear.  Music is life for many and this is a philosophy we hold true.  It’s not every day that a band is flown cross country to New York City and given all brand new equipment.  On top of that, that same band be given the chance to play in a legendary showroom which frequents several famous musicians.  This night was truly something special and I believe that some of that magic is captured in the interview and the performance in the videos above.  This just goes to show you that hard work and a love of music can take you to great places.





On Stage




















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