NAMM Day One: Nick’s Report


NAMM Day One

Holy cow where do I even start with this?! To say a kid in a candy shop would be an understatement but it’s definitely close! The NAMM Convention, I’d been hearing about NAMM since I first started with AMS, but this was the first year I had the pleasure of going along and what an event it is! It’s a bit overwhelming actually.


I spent most of the day in Hall A, which if you aren’t familiar with the layout of NAMM, it’s split into four different halls, and that’s not even counting what’s upstairs. We kicked the day off upstairs in the Gibson room where we were immediately greeted with this kid who couldn’t have been older than 12 and he was absolutely SHREDDING on guitar – and as if that wasn’t cool enough he even had dreads. I will never be as cool as that kid and I am totally fine with that.NAMM

After snagging some pics on the Gibson Iron “guitar” Throne I split from the crew and made my way downstairs to Hall A ready to tackle the day. I was quickly greeted by the first vendor at the first stand I saw and listened to him tell me all about their product. I learned quickly to be careful about making eye contact after that. Despite their unique ideas and respectable hustle, the small vendors along the perimeter were no match for the big fish that dominated the center of the hall.


The first “big vendor” booth I stumbled upon was Boss, in fact calling it a booth would be doing them an injustice. This area had a stage, guitars hooked up to pedals for testing, and even their own recording studio with huge glass walls to see right into.

Everywhere I looked there were wide-eyed kids, OG’s who you could tell have been to more NAMM show’s than they could count, influencers live streaming to their followers, pink hair, blue hair, tattoos, you name it! I even saw two people dressed like they just came out of a KISS show.


The Roland booth had drummers smashing away on electric kits while they wore over the ear headphones. Right around the corner were people making music at the Novation booth. They were using specialized socks designed to interact with a light up floor that looked something like a giant mixer controller.


What really blew my mind though was this DJ at the Reloop booth just going insane on this controller. I’ve never seen a DJ up close like that. Despite having zero clue how anything worked it was incredible to witness. I just stood there with my mouth open like a dope while the actual DJ’s in the crowd drooled over the equipment.

After finding a safe place to stop and remove a rock from my shoe only to realize it was a blister (you do a TON of walking at NAMM by the way) I made my way up to the PRS room to watch an exclusive featuring Paul Reed Smith himself, Jakko Jakszyk of King Crimson and Carlos Santana! Paul discussed the tremendous success and growth of PRS while Jakko and Carlos spoke on what PRS means to them. Although they didn’t play it was an honor to even be in the same room as legends.

The rest of the day was filled with a little more wandering around Hall A, before my feet finally decided enough was enough. Than it was time to head back to the hotel. Day One of the show was a success and I look forward to whatever tomorrow brings. Stay tuned!


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