NAMM Day Two: Nick’s Report


NAMM Day 2

Day 2 in the books! Today started a little slower than yesterday, partly due to the Gibson event last night – Peter Frampton, Robby Krieger, Billy Gibbons (not to brag), and partly because I’m totally a seasoned NAMM vet now. Well, not exactly, but the initial shock has somewhat worn off and I was able to walk in with a much better idea of what to expect today.

First thing I did was make my way over to Hall B, the drum section, by the way did I mention my late night at the Gibson concert? Nothing like hundreds of drummers testing everything from cymbals to Cajon’s at 9:30 in the morning to start your day!

NAMM Once I warmed up to the constant rat-a-tat-tats, drum rolls and bass kicks I was able to start appreciating my surroundings a little bit better. I went out in search of some of the bigger names, aka our vendors, stopping by Tama, Zildjian, Sabian, and Ludwig to name a few. Among the crowd were a myriad of drummers, old and young exploring what the show had to offer, and all the while tap tap tapping on every cymbal, snare, and pretty much any hard surface they could reach with their drum sticks – which they all kept in their back pockets of course.

Deciding to give my head a rest I wandered down to guitar country, which wasn’t any quieter but was at least a little more my speed. The first booth that caught my eye was Orange Amplification, which I suppose makes sense considering their namesake, a giant orange booth is hard to miss. They had a huge wall of Orange Amps and even had an Orange brand arcade machine preloaded with hundreds of old-school games from Mario to Sonic. But there would be time for video games back in New Jersey, there were other toys I was in search of today. Pedals.


Reverb pedals, fuzz pedals, delay pedals, tremolo, echo, big pedals, small pedals, green pedals, purple pedals, pedals, PEDALS AND MORE PEDALS! Remember yesterday I said kid in a candy store? Yeah, I wasn’t kidding.


Amid testing all these different pedals, I stumbled upon the Quilter booth where I met the man himself, Pat Quilter! Much like the Orange booth he wasn’t hard to miss. Decked out head to toe in western garb complete with hat, bolo tie, and a leather poncho we got to talking about pedals which led to him telling me about this Mid 50’s Fender String master lap steel he had.

“Hold the slide like you’re shaking a hand,” he explained to me and then went on to talk about the tuning, the first neck was tuned to G and the second neck was open C. “The trick is to use the slide as the fret,” he instructed. Of course, it was easier said than done but I gave it a good shot and then went on to snag a selfie with Pat Quilter.


I continued to explore, and my feet continued to ache more and more – they really weren’t kidding when they said bring comfortable shoes. Lesson learned. I made my way upstairs where I was able to hop in the bigger show rooms such as ESPGuild, Gibson, Marshall, Fender, and a few others.

As the tail end of the day approached and my feet felt more like they were going to fall off my body I made my way back downstairs to the Fishman booth where Javier Reyes & Tosin Abasi were showcasing the new Fluence pickups and then played a few songs from their band Animals as Leaders. Not that it needs saying but those guys can SHRED.

All in all day two was another awesome day at the show. There are so many talented people everywhere you look and it’s great to see everyone come together for the love the music. Until tomorrow, that’s a wrap on day 2!

Oh, and I saw this guy.


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