Nathan Watts: Dean of the School of Wonder

Nathan Watts Hartke LH1000 rig

Nathan Watts has been backing up Stevie Wonder since 1974. He enrolled in the Wonder School of Music. This was right around the time Songs in the key of life was taking life. Check out the history of  Watts.


To be the Musical Director for Stevie Wonder, you need to be ready to play anything at any time. To do this, Watts relies on his trusty Hartke bass rig. He runs a Hartke LH1000 head into the Hartke HyDrive Bass cabs. This rig gives him the power and flexibility needed to be a part of Stevie’s band. Check out why Nathan Watts uses Hartke.

Check out the Hartke gear Watts uses here

Hartke Rig Nathan WattsHartke LH1000 Nathan Watts Bass Amp

Nathan Watts Jam

AMS product specialist, Andrew Swift sat in and jammed with Dean Watts. Blues 101 was the class and both brought it.

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