New From NAMM 2018: Acoustic Guitars

NAMM 2018 Acoustic Guitar

New From NAMM 2018: Acoustic Guitars

New Taylor Guitars from Winter NAMM

Taylor 4

The new “V”-Class Bracing System

Taylor introduces what they consider a groundbreaking new innovation with new models. The new V Class Bracing System.

According to Taylor, the V-Class bracing was conceived in an effort to control the top movement of the guitar and correct the intonation issues inherent to equal temperament tuning. They use the guitar’s construction, as opposed to saddle or fret adjustment. The guitar is easier to tune, with purer and more consistent harmonics and pitch across the neck, due to this design. Taylor 3

The new V-shaped internal bracing offers greater tuning stability. Therefore, this system produces more volume and sustain than more traditional X-braced models.

The “V”-Class Range

The V-class range will consist of four Grand Auditorium models and three standards, including the PS14ce, K24ce and 914ce.

Exclusive features of this line are a beveled armrest & new beveled cutaway. Also offered is a silent satin finish with Kona burst. Another feature is an inlaid purling body edge treatment. They have a para fingerboard and furthermore, pegged inlays with rosette and papa edge trim on the top and back. This line will be complimented with premium Gotoh 510 tuners (21:1 ratio)

New Martin Guitars

Martin introduced their re-imagined Standard Series guitars at Winter NAMM. the Martin company says this will be the most significant update to the company’s flagship line of guitars in its 185-year history.

The Standard Series Re-imagined

The guitars in Martin’s re-imagined Standard Series, from styles 28 to 45, have been the guitars of choice for famous players such as Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, Hank Williams, Joni Mitchell, Kurt Cobain, Beck, Eric Clapton, and countless others.

Standard Series updates

The most notable updates to the line include the addition of a modern high performance neck that is thinner and more comfortable for the player. Also a vintage vibe, including aging toner and open-gear tuners. There have been changes to internal features as well that include scalloped and forward-shifted top bracing, depending on the style.

Re-imagined, refined, remarkable…. Martin’s Standard Series offers a model for every style of player, from hobbyist to mega star. Experience the finely-tuned instruments that will shape your sound to an even higher standard of tone, look, and play-ability. Choose from a selection of exciting new models, with additional options including sunburst, ambertone, and state of the art electronics by Fishman and LR Baggs.

The Models

000-28 (2018)

The resonant tone of rosewood in a body style built for balance.

Scalloped X-bracing, herringbone trim and antique white binding offers a bold, complex tone and timeless style. Sitka spruce and East Indian rosewood pair with a sleek modified low-oval neck for sound you won’t want to put down and comfort that means you won’t need to. Also available in Sunburst and Ambertone finish.

Martin 002800-28 (2018)

Classic, compact, comfortable—great things come in small packages.

The rich sound of authentic East Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce, bound in bold herringbone with vintage appointments. Resonant scalloped bracing make natural harmonics and woody tone bloom with every note.

hd12-28 (2018)Martin HD28V

A classic herringbone dreadnought with exuberant tone.

The unique sound and sustain of a rosewood 12 string is undeniable. It has been the main instrument for many greats in rock and folk history.

Iconic, powerful, timeless—the sound that launched rock, country, bluegrass, and folk.

Classic herringbone, East Indian rosewood, ebony and Sitka spruce in the shape that started it all. The hd-28 the is paired with the company’s most comfortable neck. Also included are vintage appointments, scalloped, forward-shifted bracing, and a lifetime warranty. Powerful bottom end, rich tone, and strums that will fill the room—music history made new. Also available in Sunburst and Ambertone finish.

Breedlove ConcertinaBreedlove at Winter NAMM

Breedlove has responded to the resurgence of smaller-bodied guitars is this guitar, the Concertina, which is new for 2018.

The Concertina, new for 2018, is Breedlove’s small body guitar, delivering a surprisingly clear, crisp, loud sound. It’s 12-frets to the body design make it a joy to play. Extensive Sound Optimization engineering has resulted in a body shape that has a bigger sound and comfortable to play.

This 12-fretter’s body  is similar to that of its larger builds, but its interior air volume is quite a bit smaller—measuring 750 cubic inches, compared to 915 on the Concert and 1075 on the Concerto. I took a Sitka spruce-and-myrtle version of the Concertina for a spin and found its generous amount of sound and effortless play-ability impressive.

Fine-Sounding and Great-Playing

Myrtle grows in coastal regions from Central California to Southern Oregon but, aside from Breedlove, few guitar makers have used this sustainable alternative to tropical hardwoods like rosewood and mahogany. Breedlove believes that myrtle has the best tonal attributes of rosewood and mahogany, as well as the clarity of maple, and that it pairs well with Sitka spruce. It feels natural to play old-school blues on a small-bodied instrument like the Concertina.

Alvarez at Winter NAMM


Alvarez Guitars launched a new Honduran series in its Yairi line.

Honduran Series

The new Alvarez-Yairi Honduran lineup, which feature all-solid Honduran mahogany backs and sides built using wood purchased nearly five decades ago by Mr. Yairi. Hence these guitars also include mahogany necks with ebony fingerboards. Hence this series offers ebony bridges, bone nuts and saddles.

The line debuted with three new models. These include an all-mahogany OM, and an OM and a dreadnought with an Adirondack tops and Honduran backs and sides.



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