New From NAMM 2018: Electric Guitars

Eric Johnson Signature Strat

New From NAMM 2018: Electric Guitars

Below are some of the new  Electric Guitars from the NAMM 2018 show. We had new releases from PRS, Fender and Ibanez. Fender’s new American Original series with a nitro finish and modern radius. The new Ibanez electric guitars have something for everyone. They come in both traditional and modern models. Check out the highlights of NAMM 2018 below.

New From NAMM 2018 : Fender

Fender released their “American Original Series” Including both 50s and 60s Stratocasters and Telecasters. Additionally, Fender is offering Jazzmaster and Jaguar 60s models in this series.

The American Original 50s Stratocaster

The American Original ‘50s Stratocaster maintains Fender’s legendary original style. They added a modern feel and pickup switching to the original design. First of all the strat include an ash body with lacquer finish. It comes with three vintage-style ‘65 single-coil pickups. This neck is a thick 60s “C”-shape profile with a 9.5”-radius fingerboard. In addition this strat comes along with vintage-style hardware. In conclusion it has a six-point synchronized tremolo bridge and ships with a vintage-style hard-shell case.

The American Original 60s Stratocaster

This model is true to the 60’s version, rather they added modern feel and pickup switching. With an alder body and lacquer finish, there are also three Pure Vintage ’65 single-coil pickups. This neck is a thick 60’s “C”-shaped profile with a 9.5″-radius fingerboard. This model sports a vintage-style hardware with a six-point synchronized tremolo bridge. This guitar comes with a vintage-style hard-shell case.

The American Original 50s Telecaster

The American Original 50’s Telecaster has all of the authentic Fender touches that made it famous. Additionally included are modern feel and pickup switching. This guitars features include an ash body with a lacquer finish. It has two Pure Vintage ‘52 single-coil Telecaster pickups. The Tele neck is a thick “U”-shaped profile with a 9.5”-radius fingerboard. The vintage-style hardware includes the Telecaster bridge with three brass barrel saddles. You get a vintage-style hard-shell case with this guitar.

The American Original 60s Telecaster

The American Original ‘60s Telecaster combines period-accurate sound and style from this electrifying decade with a modern, fast-playing feel and pickup switching. The 60s Telecaster features an alder body with lacquer finish with two Pure Vintage ’64 single-coil pickups. It has the mid-60’s “C”-shaped neck profile 9.5″-radius fingerboard. Additionally included is vintage-style hardware and the Telecaster bridge with three steel saddles. Furthermore, this guitar comes with a vintage-style hard-shell case.

The American Original 60s Jazzmaster

The American Original ‘60s Jazzmaster faithfully recreates the voice and style of this classic guitar, supplementing them with smooth, modern play-ability. The Jazzmaster features an alder body with lacquer finish and two Pure Vintage ‘65 single-coil pickups. The Jazzmaster has the 60s “C”-shaped neck profile with a 9.5”-radius round-lam rosewood fingerboard. Additionally it has a floating tremolo bridge with lock button and “push-in arm” vintage-style hardware. Furthermore, it comes with a vintage-style hard-shell case.

Fender American Original 60s Jaguar RW 3-Color Sunburst With CaseThe American Original Jaguar

The American Original ‘60s Jaguar brings that supple sound and slinky play-ability to life again, slightly tweaked for a modern feel. Including an alder body with lacquer finish offering two Pure Vintage ‘62 single-coil pickups. The Jaguar has a lead/rhythm circuit; bass-cut “strangle” switch, in addition to the 60s “C”-shaped neck profile with a 9.5”-radius fingerboard. In addition the Jaguar ships with a vintage-style hard-shell case.

Paul Reed SmithNew From NAMM 2018: Paul Reed Smith 

Paul Reed Smith introduced the new PRS Tremonti SE this winter NAMM. The Tremonti SE guitar is loaded with new Tremonti “S” humbucker pickups. The full mahogany body provides a ton of girth and warmth, and the new trem-up route gives added flexibility to the bridge’s tremolo system. This guitar’s features include a Mahogany body with a maple 22 fret neck and rosewood fingerboard with bird inlays. It has a molded tremolo with “Trem-Up Route” system and Tremont “S” pickups featuring a three way toggle switch.

New From NAMM 2018: Ibanez

The RG Genesis

 The RG Genesis is a new release of the guitar that provided the sound and playing experience for the ‘shred’ generation. The RG550 is built for high-octane playing. This new edition is proudly built in Japan yet retains the excellent value of the original guitar. It has the original classic specification, with ‘V’ and ‘S’ pickups.

 The Iron Label RGIX

 The IRON LABEL RGIX are new guitars most of all with a powerful tonality from Dimarzio Fusion Edge pickups. and brilliant purple burst finishes. The Northern Lights Burst looks particularly striking as it contrasts against the white humbuckers.

Signature Ibanez

There are some new signature models from Ibanez including the new Paul Stanley model PS1DM. This model is an extremely limited piece to gain collector value instantly. This axe is infused with 1,4000 rhinestones. The PS1DM is a sight for sore eyes!

Also the latest version of the Paul Gilbert Fireman is loaded with the brand new signature PG-13 mini humbuckers.

Steve Vai’s new signature model, the Jem Jr‘s provide more affordable access to the magic of the Jem.

Hollow Body

Ibanez has a new hollow body. This would be the new John Scofield model, the JSM20. It provides quality play-ability and a modern low gloss black finish, for those jazz/blues players who want a more modern aesthetic. In addition, the New Artcore Vintage guitars, also provide the classic hollow/semi-hollow experience. Especially relevant, the AKJV95 and the ASV93 featuring single-cut and double-cuts respectively.

Ibanes AZ SeriesThe AZ Series

Each Ibanez AZ guitar has a roasted maple neck and jumbo stainless-steel frets; the signature appointments of many boutique-style instruments. This gives you exceptional balance across the neck, increased resonance, and better stability in different environmental conditions.

Each AZ guitar includes Seymour Duncan ‘Hyperion’ pickups with Dyna-MIX switching. These pickups are capable of great versatility.

The AZ series feature some wonderful tonewood combinations and classy top-woods, along with Ibanez’s vintage-style head-stock. Thus giving you a distinctly different look to the usual Ibanez high-performance instrument.


New From NAMM 2018: Schecter


Schecter has produced the brand-new SLS Elite Series guitars; aimed at the shredder who requires high-end play-ability, aesthetics, and on some models  “Sustainiac pickups.” Featuring flamed maple arched tops on swamp ash bodies, they offer stunning aesthetics and are available in 6 and 7-string variants, with both fixed bridge and double locking designs.

Apocalypse SeriesApocalypse

This series has been expanded, with the addition of classic single and double-cutaway guitar designs. They feature aged-grey translucent finishes reminiscent of a post-apocalyptic world.

Sun Valley Shredder

The Sun Valley shredder range has been the hot-rodded double cutaway guitar for musicians who want the look of a classic guitar that has been modded to the limits. The new Shredder FR S takes the same guitar style and equips it with a Sustainiac neck pickup and luminous paint finishes thus taking that modified platform to the next level.

The brand-new Sun Valley Super Shredder III guitars are aimed at the modern guitarist essentially needing versatility in their tones. Thus a more versatile HSS pickup configuration in both the 6 and 7 string sizes is offered. As a result of their art work, they have lovely translucent burst finishes on flamed maple tops. Therefore, they are aimed at the modern guitarist needing more versatility in their tones.

New From NAMM 2018: ESP


Formerly called “ESP Standard” Now all ESP E-II instruments are created at their ESP factory in Tokyo, Japan.

ESP E-II Eclipse DB

The ESP E-II Eclipse DB has a vintage black finish. Also the build consists of a set-thru construction of its maple-capped mahogany body and a thin U-shaped mahogany neck with an ebony fingerboard. It is also loaded with EMG 66 (neck) and EMG 57 (bridge) active pickups. It includes high-end components like a bone nut, Schiller strap lock, Gotoh locking tuners, and a Gotoh TOM bridge and tailpiece. In addition the E-II Eclipse-DB comes with an ESP hard-shell form-fitting case.


HorizonESP E-II Horizon NT-II

ESP E-II Horizon NT-II has a Blue-Purple Gradation finish guaranteed to turn heads with its brilliant gradient color scheme over a quilted maple top. It’s a neck-thru-body shred machine, with a mahogany body, three-piece maple neck, ebony fingerboard with 24 extra-jumbo frets, and high-end components like a bone nut. It comes equipped with Schiller strap locks, Gotoh locking tuners, and a Gotoh TOM bridge and tailpiece with string-thru-body design. The sound of the E-II Horizon NT-II comes from a pair of EMG 66 (neck) and EMG 57 (bridge) active pickups. Includes ESP hard-shell form-fitting case.

ESP E-II M-II NT HipshotHipShot

With the ESP E-II M-II NT Hipshot, you get all of the tone benefits of a hardtail-style tailpiece with a string-thru body design in a beautiful guitar.  Another great feature is the finish,  this guitar is topped in quilted maple with an outstanding Black Turquoise Burst. In addition the guitar has a natural body binding, with white binding on the neck and head-stock, and contrasting black hardware. Direct-mounted Bare Knuckle Aftermath Tyger pickups power this guitar’s tone. Most noteworthy this guitar features accelerated bass response and crushing mid-rang all while producing precise high-end articulation. Furthermore you get high-quality components including a Schiller strap lock, Gotoh locking tuners, and a bone nut, another plus is a hard-shell form-fitting case.


In conclusion NAMM 2018 was a great kick off to the new year!  Like an extension of the holiday season.  Several top companies introduced their new releases for the year. Including a new star lineup from Fender, Paul Reed Smith, ESP and Schecter. Whether you are a classic jazzy player or a modern day metal shredder there is surely something for you to sink your teeth into.


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