From Ecuador With Love – Exclusive Interview with DJ Oscar Troya

Oscar Troya

Find Me In The Club

Oscar Troya, for those of you who are unfamiliar, is a DJ and Producer who performs Progressive House music. Like a most professional artist, his love for music began at an early age. Even though it is a competitive industry, Oscar became the resident DJ of the most important club in his country when he was 15 years old. Music is obviously something that Oscar Troy not only knows but is passionate about.

Oscar’s residencies have resulted in a massive impact on his overall style, energy, and groove. The crowd, whether it’s a club or a big venue, are always charged with energy and joy from his sets. The sound is very important in these sets to give fans what they want, which is why Oscar counts on Bose F1 and S1 speakers. Though his start was as the resident DJ in a club, he now spends his time touring constantly and is often considered one of the most iconic DJs of Ecuador.

Oscar Troya

Oscar Troya

My Home, My Heart, My Best Friends

Though his roots are in Ecuador, Oscar Troya is currently based in New York City. Oscar was voted as the number 1 DJ in his country but is no stranger to performing in the states. In fact, he is regularly invited to perform at numerous music festivals around America. Oscar has shared the stage with some of the biggest DJs in the world including Armin Van Buuren, Erick Morillo, Paul Van Dyk and Benny Benassi just to name a few.

Since Oscar is a world-renowned and professional DJ, it should come as no surprise that he counts on top quality equipment. He uses Denon SC5000 DJ Media players and X1800 DJ mixers. When Oscar is not in the club or on tour, he can be found in the studio working hard to create remixes and new songs. Oscar has tracks signed to labels like Prestige Music and Pressure Recordings.  The man has most definitely carved out a name for himself in the EDM scene.

Oscar TroyaOscar Troya

From Humble Beginnings

Oscar got his first radio show when he was only 17 years old.  He showed off his skills mixing live on prime time radio while captivating listeners from an early age. Nowadays you can hear his music playing constantly in radio stations nationwide. Oscar can be found playing festivals and headlining shows like the DJ Expo in the lovely Garden State in Atlantic City and South American Music Conference. Additionally, he is often touring for brands like Mazda, Bacardi, Nokia, Bose, and M-Audio. So EDM fan and aspiring DJ alike should check out Oscar Troya and American Musical Supply!

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