Pairing Cymbals: Zildjian Ride and Crash Cymbals- The Mix

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 Pairing Cymbals



Pairing Ride and Crash Cymbals


This series of articles has focused on selecting cymbals.  When selecting cymbals to put together as a set, be on the lookout for rides and crashes that pair well tonally, and resonate well with not only you, but each other.  Other considerations to keep in mind are the style of music, and the application of each cymbal in the set.  When pairing crash cymbals, a brighter crash paired with a darker crash can provide a great combination of tonal colors.   A general-purpose ride that would work well with those kinds of crashes would be a Medium or Medium-Thin A Zildjian Sweet Ride.  If you are looking for something darker and more complex, check out the K Constantinople Medium-Thin/High or Medium-Thin/Low.


Darker Tone


Zildjian K Pairing Cymbals

The K Custom Dark Ride would be another ride option that is not as complex as the Constantinople, but not as pristine as the Sweet Ride.  The higher bell of the K Custom Dark Ride will give a more pronounced bell sound than the lower profile bell of the K Constantinople. The K Custom Dark Ride will also give a nice, low and warm wash underneath, while providing excellent stick definition with dry, full-bodied stick sound.


Remember that there are no rules per se; choose the cymbals that sound the best to you in the context of a set.  When you find a crash that you like, choose a ride that compliments that, and vice versa. Whichever fits the music the best is the right setup for you and your tone. Choosing cymbals is a very subjective process – what sounds good to you, may not sound good to someone else, however in the end the goal is to create an individual sound that expresses your unique musical personality.




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