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Paul Pesco


Paul Pesco was born on May 13, 1959 in Canandaigua, New York.  He is best known for his work as a session guitarist, but his career does not end there. Pesco is also a credited singer-songwriter, film score composer and record producer.  He has worked with several heavy hitters and record industry giants including, but not limited to, Steve Winwood, Joan Baez, Cher, Whitney Houston, Al Green, Roberta Flack, Mariah Carey, C+C Music Factory, Hall & Oates, Annie Lennox, Jennifer Lopez and Alicia Keys.  Having worked with major artists such as these has continued to make Paul a sought after musician to work with.

Musical Career

From a young age Paul was intrigued and captivated by music.  He went through a slew of instruments ranging from piano to french horn and flute, but none clicked.  Finally he landed on the guitar, and when he held it he knew that was it, he had found his calling.  Paul started to take notice of the musicians that were on the credits of the records he was listening to, and began to idolize them.  It was then that he realized he wanted to be a session musician.  His real start came when he got a job at S.I.R Studios as a rehearsal technician.  He slowly got to know several big name industry artists by setting up their gear.  Through becoming close with the band Atlantic Star, Paul got his first big break to go on tour in 1982 as their guitarist.

After the Atlantic Star tour Paul contacted his friend Madonna, who at the time was an up and coming unsigned artist. Madonna then asked Paul to play on her new album she was recording.  Paul developed a reputation for being an amazing session musician by working and writing songs with Madonna and various other musicians. Through hard work and continued playing Paul was contacted by Daryl Oats and asked to join Hall and Oates.


QSC Advantage

Paul has been an avid QSC user for years and there is a simple reason for this.  The sound quality is unmatched.  Paul has used a number of different speakers and setups.  The QSC K series of speakers allow the capability of bringing that studio tone to a live show setting.  The K series speakers have two individual channels so it is essentially capable of being a 2 channel mixer, thus allowing him to more clearly hear what the audience hears.  Amps will often times be able to do certain specific things very well, but they cannot do everything.  Paul likened the K series speakers to an artist’s paint brush, referring to them a mainstay in his arsenal.  For a musician who practically lives in the studio and has worked with countless artists it is clear Paul knows his stuff.  As he put it, let your ears do the deciding.


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