Fuchs Plush Pure Gain Pedal Build in 30 Seconds

Fuchs Pedal Build 30 Seconds

Fuchs Pedal Build in 30 seconds

A pedal build should take a few hours? Maybe minutes? Well, how about 30 seconds. We went to visit our neighbors at Fuchs Audio Technologies one afternoon and asked them to build us a pedal. You might recognize the builder in this video. He is Ben Stein and he does product demos for Fuchs. He is a monster player and has a lightning fast build technique. When you are in need of a quick tone fix, check out the video and see Ben build a pedal.


What the Fuchs are you talking about?

Fuchs has been known for making great guitar amps for over 15 years now. Their classic model and the model that brought the Fuchs tone to the world was the ODS or OverDrive Special. The ODS is currently on its 4th generation. Fuchs moved to the ODS II platform with more control over each channel. Recently the ODS Classic hit the market, and now the ODS plug in through Universal Audio. You will find Fuchs amps on many stages, especially the players, player. People like Al Dimeola, Coy Bowles, and Jimmy Herring all rely on Fuchs tone.


Plush pedals by Fuchs pay homage to the factory Andy Fuchs remembers from his childhood. It also gives Fuchs a chance to have more people hear the Fuchs tone without having to purchase a Fuchs amp. These pedals use the best switches and pots they can find and are hand built in the Fuchs Factory in NJ. If you are looking for a drive, tremolo, tube driven delay, or reverb, Plush has what you are looking for.

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