John Petrucci’s Greatest Solos and Riffs

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We ask the living legend John Petrucci about some of the greatest solos and riffs he created. Starting with Guns ‘N Roses classic Sweet Child of Mine and his use of the Wah. Let’s see if this was a standard Crybaby or an early version of his Signature Dunlop JP Wah.  Next, we get into his acoustic ballad, More Than Words. Do you think that is an acoustic or the piezo in his Signature Ernie Ball Music Man? Let’s ask the master and see what we can learn. Finally, we talk about the ever popular and bone-crushing riff of Enter Sandman. When was the last time you walked into a music store or went to a jam and these riffs weren’t played? NEVER! You can quite literally walk into any music store, in any state and you will undoubtedly hear any if not all of these riffs.

That’s right, we talk to the one guy that has played it all. See what the master has to say and keep practicing.


Wait For It


Wait For It




Happy April Fool’s Day…….

We know Eddie Van Halen wrote all those riffs.




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