The Pioneer DDJ-1000 for rekordbox DJ


The Pioneer DDJ-1000

It’s time to unleash the beast – Pioneer’s head-turning 4-channel DJ Controller for rekordbox DJ

You’re a DJ with a plan, the DDJ-1000 has answers!

The Pioneer DDJ-1000 is loaded with features for the ambitious DJ. In addition to the four RCA input channels for turntables and media players, it includes two microphone inputs and onboard sampler controls – all with standalone level controls. The DDJ-1000 also is equipped with two USB ports, making it the ideal controller for epic parties and shows that call for multiple DJs armed with different laptops. Add a vocalist, MC, hype man, or second DJ/producer to your performances without needing to worry about complicated gear management. When it comes to your audio, all roads run through the DDJ-1000!



Built for Pioneer rekordbox DJ – bring out everything it has to offer.

Every piece of hardware that Pioneer has ever released originated from years of extensive research. The exact same criteria hold true with Pioneer’s critically-acclaimed rekordbox DJ software. The DDJ-1000 is all about syncing with rekordbox – a sleek, clean, snappy interface that can be customized to your liking without ending up needlessly busy or complicated. Take your pick: horizontal or vertical waveform display, two or four deck mode, customizable track browsing layout, related track recommendations based on genre, key signature, and tempo – this is a massively powerful DJ platform!pioneer

Vibrant color LCD Jog Display screens.

A DJ’s eyes are always moving, and that means jumping between the crowd, your laptop, and the controller. Don’t get caught feeling like you’re stuck in the middle! The Pioneer DDJ-1000 includes a high-resolution color LCD display located squarely in the center of the jog wheels. These displays provide you with the current track’s tempo in BPM (beats per minute), timestamp in real time, and visual waveform. It also shows you any Hot Cue or Loop points that you may have set to trigger. When you’re mixing, dialing in the right EQ, cuing up effects, and working the jog wheels with the DDJ-1000, you know exactly what’s going on with your tracks, all the way down to the finest

Comfortable design, inspired by Pioneer’s industry-standard CDJ and DJM gear.

Pioneer controllers have a look and feel that’s unmistakable. The DDJ-1000 follows in the footsteps of their past offerings – you’ll feel right at home stepping up to this controller! The channel strips, EQ controls, reinforced Magvel crossfader, and input/outputs are laid out with purpose and comfort in mind. It’s also incredibly easy to move to and from the jog wheel and 16 back-lit performance pads with ease.


Order the Pioneer DDJ-1000 at American Musical Supply!

DJ gear is meant to go anywhere – house parties, underground shows, the bright lights of the club DJ booth.  The DDJ-1000 is more than up to the task of handling any venue. Available right here at American Musical Supply and priced at $1,199.00 ($1,298.00 with an Odyssey carry bag), the DDJ-1000 is eligible for our True 0% interest payment plans, including our versatile 12-pay. Place your order, make your first payment, enjoy fast and free shipping.  Armed with the DDJ-1000, you’ll be on your way toward producing some seriously epic mixes!


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