The new Pioneer DDJ-SX3 for Serato DJ


And in this corner . . . the Pioneer DDJ-SX3!

Allow us to introduce you to the newest powerhouse controller for Serato DJ.

Pioneer stands at the forefront of the DJ world and they are always anticipating the needs of the performers. Even though their products are the gold standard for countless DJs, they are constantly innovating and looking to make their gear better.  That means exploring what could run faster, what would be more convenient, and what would open up more creative possibilities.  The direct result of this philosophy is the new Pioneer DDJ-SX3 4-channel DJ Controller for Serato DJ.  It’s everything you’ve come to expect from Pioneer in terms of reliability, functionality, and pure performance, all with a number of exciting new features!pioneer

Two USB ports – Multiple DJs and multiple devices.

Your tracks are intense and the dance floor’s energy is on full display. The last thing everyone wants to hear is, “We’re going to take a short break to change over, don’t go anywhere”. EDM club performances and house parties are all about keeping the music going well into the night! Following in the footsteps of the flagship DDJ-SZ2’s design, the new DDJ-SX3 has added a second USB port. Connect two laptops and easily transition between the two by using the toggle switches located above each channel strip. When there are multiple DJs in the house, the SX3 is the creative tool of choice!pioneer

An additional microphone input with separate level control.

Today’s creative DJs require loads of inputs to incorporate a variety of devices. With the Pioneer DDJ-SX3, you have four channels at the ready for your turntables, media players, and line-level instruments. The SX3 is all about giving you choices – let’s say that you want to add a vocal microphone, but don’t want to sacrifice a channel in order to use it. Don’t worry, Pioneer has added a standalone 1/4” microphone input with its own level control to the DDJ-SX3’s front panel. This is a way for you to hype up the crowd, add vocals to your set, or have an MC drop some verses right over the top of your tracks – all while saving the core inputs for your gear!pioneer

New and Improved Jog Wheels.

The Pioneer SX line of controllers has always been known for their durable, touch-sensitive jog wheels. The highly-improved, ultra low-latency aluminum platters of the DDJ-SX3 takes it up to a whole new level! Their silky-smooth feel and fast response will make your mixing, cutting, and scratch effects shine through with supreme

Plus, enjoy all of the essentials you’ll need in a DJ Controller.

The DDJ-SX3 is the ultimate example of versatility in the DJ booth.  In addition to showcasing everything that the Serato DJ software platform has to offer, the SX3 can serve as a dedicated stand-alone DJ mixer for your turntables and media playersPioneer’s impeccable design is once again on display, easily placing everything at your fingertips.  You also can’t forget the Pioneer mainstays . . .  That means the durable Magvel crossfader, the touch-sensitive performance pads, and the collection of Sound FX, just to name a few!


Order the new Pioneer DDJ-SX3 at American Musical Supply!

If you’re serious about DJing and are looking for gear that fits the combination of value price, ease-of-use, and pure technological power, the new DDJ-SX3 is the perfect controller for you. This is a true club-ready device and the engineers at Pioneer have packed in even more pro features.  All that’s waiting is for you to unleash your collection of tracks. Priced at $999.00, the SX3 is eligible for the AMS True 0% interest 12-payment plan, which means budget-friendly monthly payments. Make your first payment, enjoy fast and free shipping, and start thinking about sending out invites to your upcoming party!

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