Rane Seventy-Two DJ Mixer and Twelve DJ Controller


Explore sonic frontiers with the newest creative DJ tools from Rane!



A mixer rooted in tradition . . .

The underground house party. The invitation-only DJ throwdown. The booming club event. You need a mixer loaded with features that can handle the rigors of the road. Additionally, a mixer that can turn any sonic possibility into a reality. Let’s welcome the Rane SEVENTY-TWO mixer to the stage. This piece of hardware follows in the footsteps of vintage battle mixers and the DJs who wielded them. Rane’s newest offering includes solid steel construction, three new MAG THREE Contactless Tension-Adjustable faders, and select components that are highly-rated for consistent, repetitive use.

. . . that’s also a technological force and absolute monster for Serato DJ.


The foundation has been laid, now let’s take a look at a large number of technological advances that this mixer has to offer! Let’s start with the visuals – a vibrant 4.3-inch touchscreen displays song waveforms and track information in dazzling crystal-clear color. The accompanying controls also give you access to FX customization and song selection. Serato DJ is a commanding software platform and needs some serious hardware to bring out its fullest potential. The Rane SEVENTY-TWO has answered the call with 16 Akai Pro MPC Performance Pads (8 per channel), 5 Serato parameter control pads per channel, and two rugged 180-Degree rotatable aluminum FX paddles (one per channel). Trigger, cut, splice, stutter, loop, mix and warp your tracks to your heart’s content. The SEVENTY-TWO is a true modern DJ platform.

Connections, Connections, Connections!

The SEVENTY-TWO has two pairs of RCA inputs for each physical channel. They can additionally be used to connect turntables, media players, or auxiliary devices such as synths, hardware samplers, or line-level instruments. There are also two XLR-1/4” combo microphone inputs (switchable mic or line-level signal) with their own independent controls. A pair of XLR main outputs and 1/4” Booth outputs means you’re covered for connections to loudspeakers, sound systems, and separate monitor speakers.

Two DJs + Two USB Devices + Two Additional Controllers


Get ready to battle, the SEVENTY TWO has two USB ports! Bring your laptop, power up Serato DJ, and bring your powerful sets out to play. At the top of each channel strip, you can easily switch between any of your input sources.  Simply choose between the two USB devices, turntables, media players, or auxiliary instruments. Lastly, there are two additional USB ports designed to work with controller hardware, most specifically the powerhouse Rane TWELVE DJ Controller. So, how would the TWELVE fit into your DJ setup?

Rane TWELVE DJ Controller

Clean, crisp, and 100% modern, the Rane TWELVE DJ Controller is a high-performance hardware device for Serato DJ. Enjoy ultra-low digital latency cuts, scratches, and vinyl-style playback to your music, all with the looks and feel of a traditional turntable. Connect one or two via USB to the Rane SEVENTY-TWO Mixer or use standalone with your computer.


A refreshingly clean interface

DJs need true freedom of movement – especially when space is tight in the DJ booth. You’re hyping up the crowd, playing a synth or sampler, and tweaking your tracks in Serato DJ. If you’re an active DJ who incorporates a wide range of instruments, mics, and hardware to your live sets, the Rane TWELVE is the perfect controller for you. When you use the TWELVE, you won’t have to worry about frustrating turntable-related problems. You won’t accidentally bump the tone arm or rub the needle at the wrong time. The backlit controls are low-profile, clearly laid out, and are easy to access.


Classic Turntable Design

Cutting-edge technology may be the lifeblood, but Rane made sure to design and build the TWELVE in the mold of a traditional DJ turntable. Therefore, turntablists will feel right at home when they step into this controller. The direct-drive platter is twelve inches in diameter and you can adjust the torque of the motor. The lower right portion of the unit includes both a ‘Start-Stop’ switch and a traditional rotary ‘Motor Off’ switch. This is so you can have the infamous ‘power-down’ audio effect. You also have the ability to select 33 1/3 or 45 RPM platter speeds with the touch of a button.

Cues, Triggers, and Deck Control at the touch of a finger

Jump up to the top of the Rane TWELVE and you’ll see the newest modern tech fully on display. The distinct slider in the upper right can be cued up to implement levels of 8, 16, or 50% pitch adjustment. Rane has also introduced a multi-function touch strip that handles Serato DJ events. It is here that you can search through your tracks, cue up fresh starting points, or fire off quick hot cues.


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