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Billy Sheehan


Billy Sheehan is a name that you most definitely should have heard if you are a bass player.  Sheehan has blazed a path through music and history alike.  Lending his low-end specialty to dozens of records and touring all over the globe for years, Billy has been celebrated for his unique and innovative style of playing bass.  Singer, songwriter, and bass player Billy is a triple threat on all accounts.  Thus his contributions have resulted in millions of records sold, including both Platinum and Gold!

Musical Background

Billy Sheehan got his musical start in his hometown of Buffalo, NY in the 1970’s with the legendary hard rock group Talas.  Besides touring with his own group, he has also shared the stage with many other legendary artists.  Some of the most notable that he’s shared the stage with include David Lee Roth, Steve Vai and another band that he founded Mr. Big.  Another project he has been a part of is Niacin, a fusion/blues trio.  Most recently Billy has been playing with The Winery Dogs, along with Mike Portnoy and Richie Kotzen.  Billy Sheehan has shared the stage and contributed music to the likes of Talas, UFO, David Lee Roth, Mr. Big and Steve Vai.  He has clearly built quite the musical reputation for himself and has surely influenced modern bass playing and will continue to inspire new musicians for years to come.

Billy Sheehan Rig Exploration

For this gig Billy had to fly in and needed the lightest and easiest rig possible to travel with.  He is playing with a Line 6 Helix LT which has a replicated model based on the circuit board of his original Pearce BC-1 Preamp.  The Line 6 Helix has almost limitless possibilities.  Billy has two ins and two outs that feed to his two amps.  He uses a wireless Line 6 transmitter into a Low Hartke LH1000 and a High LH1000.  Billy utilizes the two heads to capture two totally unique tones, one high and one low.  Both heads run to two separate HD115 1X15 Hartke cabinets.  He plays a Yamaha Attitude Bass with Dimarzio Pickups.  Billy Sheehan has a very unique tone and is a bassist sure to stay relevant musically for years to come.


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