Robert Randolph | Exclusive AMS Jam

Robert Randolph Jam

Who is Robert Randolph?


Robert Randolph is a New Jersey born and bred pedal steel guitarist who quite literally “grew up in the church”.  From his childhood, Robert and other members of his family played gospel and soul music in the House of God Church.  The music Randolph and his family were producing was a traditional style known as sacred steel.  It was not until his twenties that Randolph began to listen to and play secular music. After hearing all different genres Robert started to draw see how related all genres were. He began to forge his own signature sound by fusing elements of rock, funk, soul, jazz and jam bands.  Robert, the leader of Robert Randolph and the Family Band, is a world-renowned steel player.  He has headlined festivals all over the world.  He has played with and inspired the likes of Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks and Carlos Santana.


Quartet Groove Jam


Robert stopped by the studio at AMS for a couple exclusive jam sessions.  You can watch how all the players communicate with each other and everyone shows off their chops. The first Jam is a Quartet Groove Jam with AMS Product Specialist Andrew Swift on Guitar and Randolph on steel.  Andrew is playing a Gibson ES-335 through a Fuchs amp, which provides some nice grit.  Listen as the two players trade from rhythm to lead and back again quickly picking up where the other left off.  Watching the two players follow one another is a great example of Randolph’s jam band influence.


Shuffle Jam


This jam is a full band bluesy shuffle featuring two guitars, a bass, drums and of course pedal steel.  Music is a universal language that players can speak to each other with phrases rather than words.  As the instruments interweave it is easy to hear Randolph’s signature fusion style. From the grooving bass line to the trading lead guitar solos and back to Randolph’s incredible soulful pedal steel.  Elements of Rock and Roll, Blues and Jazz can be heard from all players.  Robert Randolph has successfully blurred the lines of one specific genre, and the end result is something amazing.  All of us at AMS are beyond thankful and stoked to have had the opportunity to Jam with a living legend like Randolph.  He is a musician who literally “grew up in the church” and than forged his own musical path and has created and inspired along the way.  If you ever get the chance go check out Robert Randolph and The Family Band.


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