Roland TD-17 V-Drum Lineup Overview and Demo


Become a Better Drummer, Faster

If drumming is a passion that you take seriously, you are going to want a kit that not only matches your skill and technique but that can also elevate your playing and push you further.  Enter in the new TD-17 V-Drum series from Roland. This new series is available in 3 configurations: TD17KL, TD17KV, and TD17KVX. Including 100 kits with over 300 sounds, the TD-17 series shares the same DNA as the flagship module the TD-50.  The interface is very user-friendly and easy to grasp and includes several sound editing features most drummers will be very familiar with. For example; if you want to add muffling just hit the muffling button, select the pad you want to be muffled by hitting it. Then use the center wheel to adjust the level of muffling.  This is the same idea for tuning and level controls as well.

Authentic Playing Feel

Roland had both acoustic and electric drummers in mind when making this series. Players used to an acoustic set can easily switch this electronic set. You should not have to change your playing style when playing an electronic drum kit. Enter in the PDX-12 snare pad and the VH-10 Hi Hats. The tension of the PDX-12 can be easily adjusted with a standard drum key. This helps in giving it a more acoustic drum feel. Additionally, the VH-10 Hi Hats can even be mounted on a standard acoustic Hi-Hat stand. The new kick tower is made of metal construction and has a brand-new pad that feels more traditional and acoustic giving it that more natural drum feel. Finally, the sound engine in this series can faithfully and flawlessly reproduce the tonal character of acoustic drums with a lightning quick response time.

Building a custom kit on the TD-17 couldn’t be any easier and user-friendly. After selecting the drum tones, you can then add sub tones, muffle specific drums and adjust several other parameters. Another awesome feature of the TD-17 is the Bluetooth connectivity. Jam along with tracks streamed from your phone directly to the kit. Additionally, you can stream WAV and MP3 files from the SD reader.  This feature is great for practicing along to your favorite songs.

TD-17 Closing Thoughts

So in closing, this is a great new addition to the already stacked lineup of V-Drums from Roland.  The added features of the new hi-hat, snare and kick tower give this whole kit a more natural feel. Thus giving any acoustic players a more at home feeling. Finally, the user interface is very hands on and the vast array of different sounds will keep you coming back for more.TD-17TD-17

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