Roland TR-8S – Walk Through and Performance


Roland Background

Since its inception in 1972, the Roland Corporation has been at the forefront of development and manufacture of electronic musical instruments. Founder Ikutaro Kakehashi has one vision; to further the creative possibilities for all musicians through cutting-edge technologies. Roland has literally pioneered the sound of modern music over the last four decades. Unleashing groundbreaking innovations across many product categories. With a diverse lineup that includes keyboards, guitar and bass, drums, recording and audio processing devices, and more. Roland sets the standards in music technology for the world to follow. The TR-8S is another awesome addition to the Roland family.

TR-8S Overview

The TR-8S is the newest drum machine from Roland and suffice to say might just be the best yet. Fully loaded with the largest and most authentic collection of drum machines available. The new processor adds a whole new level to the mix. Attention to detail and nuance gives the classic Roland Boom, Snap and Sizzle you have grown to know and love. A new feature is the ability to incorporate preset and custom sample allowing for a unique and hybrid layered kit. Throw in some specialized effects and professional sound design and you have yourself the MVP of drum machines.

Made to Play Live

Roland sought out to create the best of the best with the TR-8S.  Combining the most famous and influential drum machines ever made and modern production techniques.  This is truly a forward-thinking performance tuned instrument that is unlike any other. Tap, tune and tweak with easy hands-on controls and production tools.  Great both in the studio as well as on the stage.

Fast Fluid and Fun

Pattern creation on the TR-8S feels completely natural and intuitive.  This is thanks to the Roland ”TR-REC” step sequencer, which has been the epicenter and beating heart of electronic music production for decades. Only now it’s been enhanced and modernized to be better than ever. Program on the TR-REC buttons or use the performance pad for live playing.  This is a piece of equipment where the lines between recording and live playing blend seamlessly. Store up to 128 patterns, each with eight variations and three kinds of fill patterns or variations which can be triggered individually or chained together.

Variations on a Theme

For the last four years, Roland listened to feedback from enthusiastic fans and artists from all over the globe. They took suggestions and created something that would be great, both for studio production and live performance. Featuring: Eight Analog Outputs, Trigger Out-External In, Audio and Midi Interface, Updated Design, and SD Card Capability.

Performance Enhancement

Velocity sensitive pads on the TR-S8 allow for live and on the fly rhythm changes to add layers to a beat.  This is a very performance friendly instrument, there is no need to stop while performing.  Sound design is the main focus here. They encourage you to use sound shaping tools to make your own unique sound.


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