Guide To Taylor’s Body Shapes


Pick Your Poison

Taylor offers five full-size guitar body shapes: Grand Concert, Grand Auditorium, Grand Symphony, and Dreadnought. Each shape has unique dimensions that help to define its voice and give it a distinctive tone of its own. Typically, a smaller body will yield a controlled voice with more bright highs and chime, while a bigger body will produce a louder booming voice with more low-end depth. Most body styles are available with or without a cutaway. So it really is just a matter of what sounds and feels best to you. Whether you are a fingerstyle player or a strong strumming player Taylor has something that will work for you. This article is to help educate and explain the different Taylor body shapes and to make sure you have the best playing experience possible.

-Grand Concert-

TaylorStarting things off is Taylor’s smallest body, the Grand Concert. This guitar has an intimate feel with a focused voice. This is a great guitar for finger-style players. The Grand Concert is more comfortable to play while sitting down, and has a slightly fatter neck that allows players to have more space for complex fingerings. Its slightly tapered body also allows for the notes to articulate more and help to eliminate overtones. A great example of the Grand Concert body style is the 712ce.


-Grand Auditorium-

TaylorNext up we have Taylor’s signature shape which is probably the most versatile and popular shape they make. The Grand Auditorium makes a great all-purpose guitar. A mid-size guitar that is somewhere in between a Grand Concert and a Dreadnought. The shape produces an acoustic voice that is big enough to handle medium-strength strumming and produces clear, well-articulated notes that are suited for both strumming and finger-style playing. The 814ceV is a great example of the Grand Auditorium body style.


-Grand Symphony-

TaylorComing up next, we have the slightly larger Grand Symphony. This guitar is made for the strong strummer, offering a rich, bold voice. This guitar can be thought of as a Grand auditorium kicked into high gear. It has a wide waist and a bigger bout offer a fullness with huge output and sustain for days. But don’t let the robust booming voice fool you, this guitar is crystal clear and responds just as well to light finger-style work as it does to fast attacking picking runs. For a great Grand Symphony the 816ce is a great model!



TaylorLast but certainly not least, we have my personal favorite, the Dreadnought. The most traditional shape, it offers powerful lows and quick snappy mids. Dreadnoughts are great for both flat-picking and strumming alike. You can expect deep rich lows and crisp bright highs but as it is with all Taylor guitars the tone is evenly balanced across a tonal spectrum. This is the perfect guitar for folk music and bluegrass, because of its defining sounds for both pickers and strummers. For the classic Dreadnought body shape, the 110e is a great choice.


Closing Thoughts

Hopefully, you enjoyed our guide to Taylor’s body shapes and what they are best suited for. As you can see after reading this article and watching the product videos, they offer a guitar that is just right for everyone. Whether you are a strummer or a finger-style player they’ve got you covered. The Grand Concert, the Grand Auditorium, the Grand Symphony, and the Dreadnought. If you are an acoustic guitarist this is your go-to guide to figure out what you want and need for the best fit.


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