Taylor V-Class Acoustic Guitars

Taylor, V-Class Bracing, V Brace, Acoustic Guitar

Why V-Class?

Acoustic guitar bodies are made out of extremely thin wood. This wood has nowhere near the amount of strength required to hold up against the constant string tension and pressure. This is why the inside of an acoustic guitar has bracing. Bracing is the internal framework that helps shape the sound of an acoustic guitar. Traditional X-bracing has stood the test of time for over 100 years. However, it creates a trade-off between two key elements of an acoustic guitar’s sound, volume and sustain. A guitar’s top (the soundboard) contributes to both. Volume comes from the flexibility of the top, while sustain comes from stiffness. The trade-off is that when you make something stiffer, you reduce its flexibility and vice versa. With an X-braced guitar top, increasing one comes at the expense of the other. In steps Taylor’s V-Class bracing.

V-Class bracing is a groundbreaking new design, that transforms the way an acoustic guitar top vibrates to dramatically improve the sound. Master guitar designer, Andy Powers brainchild, it marks a bold departure from traditional X-bracing. V-Class produces notes that are louder, longer sustaining, and more in tune with each other. Now an acoustic guitar top can be both stiff and flexible in ways that produce more volume and sustain. Most noteworthy is that this innovative bracing design also improves the intonation of the guitar. Additionally, V-Class bracing maintains stiffness along the middle of the guitar. That inherent stiffness helps keep the strings in motion, producing notes that resonate longer before fading out. For your enjoyment here is a jam with Andy Powers and our very own Keith Mcgee.

314ceV Grand Auditorium

314ceV, Taylor Guitars, Acoustic, V-Brace

With Taylor’s incredible, innovative V-Class bracing and Expression System 2 electronics, the 314ceV Grand Auditorium has remarkable tonal power and a dynamic response whether plugged in or not! The cutaway allows for easy access to upper frets while Expression System 2 electronics provide incredible sound when plugged in. The Sapele that makes up the back and sides shares mahogany’s lively tonal response and, together with a Sitka spruce top, rings out with a brightness and clarity that give these guitars a definitive Taylor voice

414ceV Grand Auditorium

414ceV, Taylor Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, V-Class Bracing

Taylor’s revolutionary new V-Class bracing joins the 400 Series with the release of new Grand Auditorium V-Class guitars. Models also feature inlay updates, including a peghead inlay to help identify them as V-Class guitars. The ovangkol 414ceV now features a Small Diamond inlay motif with a matching Engraved Diamond peghead inlay.

414ceRV Grand Auditorium414ceRV, Taylor Guitars, Guitar, V-Class

The Taylor 414ceRV sports Taylor’s V-Class bracing which, when combined with the Grand Auditorium body shape, yields incredibly powerful notes all the way up the neck while improving intonation stability. The guitar also features inlay updates, including a peghead inlay to help identify them as V-Class guitars. The V-Class models also feature a black graphite nut and our new guitar label with Andy Powers’ signature.

524ceV Grand Auditorium

524ceV, Taylor, V Class

The grand auditorium body shape of the 524ceV creates a super-versatile guitar that appeals to many different playing styles. The Taylor 524ce incorporates an all-mahogany cutaway electric guitar with Taylor’s revolutionary V class bracing system, which helps increase volume and sustain while improving the natural intonation of the notes. Mahogany is known for its rich midrange and natural compression, making it an excellent rhythm and fingerstyle guitar that plays well in the mix with other instruments.

714ceV Grand Auditorium

Taylor 714ceV Acoustic Guitar

Taylor 714ceV Grand Auditorium AE Western Sunburst with Case












Dynamic tonal response and remarkable playability combine with vintage-inspired aesthetics in the Taylor 714ceV Grand Auditorium! The latest innovation, V class bracing, melds beautifully with the understated appointments of this workhorse rosewood series model. Indian rosewood back and sides combined with a Lutz spruce top create a superbly versatile guitar with rich low end and sparkling treble. The lutz spruce top is a compelling combination of white and Sitka spruce, evoking the warmth of Engelmann spruce while capturing some of the power of Adirondack spruce.


522ceV 12 Fret Grand Concert

Taylor Grand Concert Guitar

Dynamic players love the clarity and responsiveness of the 522ce 12-fret Grand Concert V-class guitar. The tropical mahogany grand concert guitar produces a strong midrange focus with a natural warm compression. Taylor’s 12-fret necks feature the slightly shorter 24-7/8-inch scale length of the Grand Concert and a repositioned bridge that sits closer to the center of the lower bout. The result is a slinkier handfeel that makes it easier to form chords and bend strings, and tonally, surprising power and warmth for the smaller body.

814ceV Grand Auditorium

Taylor 814ceV Acoustic Guitar

Taylor introduces the all-new 814ceV, featuring the brilliant V-Class bracing which yields an incredibly dynamic and clear tone with great sustain and intonation even at the highest frets! The classic tonewood combination of Indian rosewood and Sitka spruce still delivers its characteristic blend of warmth, low-end presence, and high-range sparkle, but V-Class bracing elevates that tone to new heights. Notes sustain longer, allowing rosewood’s rich overtones to bloom with more clarity than ever, and the advanced bracing scheme introduces greater power and tunefulness across the entire tonal spectrum for a rich and expressive sound.

812ceV 2019 Grand Concert

Taylor 812ceV Acoustic V Brace Guitar

The 812ce V class is the ultimate small body guitar. It has all the refinements in the standard 800 series coupled with the new sonic engine of the V class bracing. The 812ce boasts an amazingly punchy and full guitar in super comfortable body size. The Grand Concert’s intimate body size and short-scale neck make for comfortable playing experience.

614ceV Grand Auditorium

Taylor 614ceV Guitar

With a Sitka Spruce top, Maple back and sides, and tone-enhancing V-Class bracing the 614ceV is a sonically dynamic powerhouse! Maple’s sonic transparency makes it wonderfully player-reflective. Additionally it’s an ideal tonewood for players who plugin or mic their instrument. Whatever the player brings to the guitar comes through—it can be played to sound warm or bright.

814ceV Deluxe Grand Auditorium

Taylor 814ceV

A premium Taylor or fans of high-end tonewoods and fantastic playability! This luxurious rosewood/spruce acoustic-electric Grand Auditorium reaches new levels of performance thanks to our patented V-Class bracing. By coaxing a more orderly response from the top, this game-changing bracing design allows the 814ce DLX to produce more powerful notes everywhere on the fretboard, along with stronger projection, longer sustain, and improved intonation, creating a more musical and expressive playing experience for guitarists.

K24ce Grand Auditorium

Taylor K24ce V-Class

Hawaiian koa’s captivating beauty is matched by a tone that blossoms over time, especially in the midrange. The K24ce’s voice is bright and focused, with warm overtones that slowly emerge, adding sweetness and depth. Taylor gives this Grand Auditorium acoustic premium all-wood appointments including a Spring Vine fingerboard inlay which celebrates the wood’s natural appeal.

Builders Edition K14ceVTaylor Builders Edition K14ceV

Andy Powers is one of the leading luthiers in modern acoustic guitar design, always looking for ways to improve upon traditional designs for today’s guitarists. He now presents the Builders Edition series, including the K14ceV, a special build that encapsulates the best in Andy’s guitar-building style and knowledge. Crafted with gorgeous Koa back and sides and a torrified Sitka spruce top, V class bracing, beveled armrest along with a beveled cutaway with neck heel contouring, silent satin finish with Kona burst, paua fingerboard/peghead inlays and rosette, paua edge trim on the top and back, Gotoh tuners, Expression System 2 electronics. Additioanlly included is a deluxe hardshell case.

812ceV 12-Fret Deluxe Grand Concert

Taylor 812ceV 12-Fret Deluxe Grand Concert Acoustic Electric with Case

Guitarists can expect plenty of the 812ce Grand Concert’s signature articulation with a slightly meatier, more robust tonal output. If you like a slightly darker, punchier quality in a small guitar, the 12-Fret is a great choice. The 812ce 12-fret version yields a slightly different character than the 14-fret because the bridge position is closer to the center of the lower bout and because the bracing profile was modified to emphasize a bolder attack. The Grand Concert’s intimate body size and short-scale neck make for a comfortable playing experience that fingerstyle players are bound to love.

Closing Thoughts

Taylor, V-Class, Acoustic Guitar, V Brace

Taylor’s ultimate goal of V-Class bracing is to give players an inspiring tool that helps them better express themselves musically.  More than ever before, guitarists are playing alongside digital instruments, and into microphones, computers and other recording gear. Thus, putting every minor sonic detail under a microscope. With a design that brings the guitar’s strings in tune with the top and body, V-Class bracing also puts the guitar in tune with the surrounding musical landscape. It will spark new songwriting ideas, make recording easier, and sound better in a performance setting.