The Birth of Pigtronix

Pigtronix Pedals

Introduction to Pigtronix

Pigtronix is the rising star of a second generation of American boutique pedal makers that are redefining the stomp-box for today’s musicians. Striving to push the dialog of musical effects forward, Pigtronix recognizes the value and relevance of classic vintage sounds while focusing on pushing tone a step further. Pigtronix provides musicians with a high end, USA made effects option that takes their music in new, creative directions. Pigtronix has a reputation for accessibility and top notch customer service, aiding musicians every day in their quest for unique sounds and sonic stimulation. Play Pigtronix, get F.A.T. – Futuristic Audio Technology.

From Joke to Dream

Pigtronix Envelope PhaserPigtronix,  was originally started as a joke between David Koltai and Pigpen.  The year was 2001 and they were both attending college in Middlebury, Vermont.  Pigpen, who was nicknamed for reasons unknown, was a physics major and guitar player.  They decided they should build a pedal as a sort of senior project. Thus the original Envelope Phaser was born. They built this Phaser that had both an LFO as well as an envelope filter.  By having both options you could get the rotary sounds as well as that Jerry Garcia tone. Truly creating a tonally unique pedal.

After graduating college, David moved to New York City.  It was while working for a record label that he got the call.  His friend had just gotten back from China on a visit and they decided to turn what was once a joke into a reality.  They made the first Envelope Phasers and went to NAMM.  Some of the artists that initially embraced the pedal were Victor Wooten, Eric Krasno, and John Scofield.  The realization came that they needed a pedal guru, since it was successful in the market place.  So he called up Analog Mike from  Mike recommended that he reach out to Howard Davis, a virtuoso engineer who designed several of the original pedals for Electro Harmonix including the Deluxe Memory Man, and the Deluxe Big Muff, Stereo Poly Chorus and Stero Poly Phase.

Wrap UpPigtronix Pedals

So what started out as a fun project during senior year of college ended up becoming a legacy.  A major player in the Boutique pedal world. Today Pigtronix has built several new pedals including but not limited to the Disnortion Pedal.  Which is a unique pedal in the way that it offers not only overdrive, but fuzz as well simultaneously.  Some of the key points that Pigtronix focuses on are envelope control, parallel processing and extreme touch sensitivity.  All products based on a concept…  Futuristic Audio Technology.


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