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JHS Guitar Pedals

JHS Pedals: A Brief History

JHS Pedals is the result of Josh Scott’s desire to build quality effects pedals that stand out in a market that is over-saturated. Started in early 2007 by way of a DIY repair to a Boss Blues Driver, JHS effects pedals has evolved into an effects pedal company recognized world-wide. Josh’s years of touring and session work bring the experience and knowledge of what musicians need and want in their rigs, and that is one of the core values that JHS was built upon.  From Fuzz to Delay to Compression.  JHS has something for everyone.

JHS Pedals: Lineup

SuperBolt V2

The SuperBolt V2 is an Amp in a box style pedal that delivers the feel and sound of a classic 60’s Supro Tube Amp in a pedal board friendly package.  This pedal gives you a playing experience that rivals a vintage amp, so you can get the tone you want without hunting down a classic amp.  The tone control goes from warm and mellow to cutting and aggressive without ever losing musicality.  This is a great pedal that will add warmth or bite to any style of playing!


Moonshine V2

The Moonshine V2 is the the unique twist on a green classic that everyone knows and loves.  It goes from subtle grit to cranked amp tones.  The proof switch give more volume and more headroom.  The clean knob blends in the unaffected signal, this helps to add clarity at higher gain settings.  Turning up the tone will give more high end.  The moonshine does not over compress even at a higher gain setting.


Pink Panther

The Pink Panther is a delay pedal that offers both digital and tape delay sounds. Producing a multitude of sounds from crystal clear washed to saturated and compressed goodness.  Included is a tap tempo switch and two distinct voices, making this pedal even more diverse.


Guitar effects pedals can be compared to paint colors.  As an artist you want to color your playing with a variety of hues.  At JHS Pedals they make a little something for everyone.  Their pedals are a unique boutique addition to the lineup of guitar effects available today.

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