Thomas Nordegg: Legendary Guitar Tech

Thomas Nordegg

Thomas Nordegg

Thomas Nordegg is an Austrian-born guitar tech, and one of the top guitar techs in the business. Originally was inspired to play guitar and get into the industry after hearing The Beatles for the first time. When he started he was handling everything under the sun, from lights to keyboards but quickly found his niche. Imagine for a minute, working as a lighting tech for a band and then all of the sudden being thrust into working as a guitar tech. He has been providing his services to the worlds top artists since the 1970s. Artists including Frank and Dweezil Zappa, Duran Duran, Jimmy Page, Toto, and Steve Vai just to name a few. Thomas Nordegg is constantly traveling the world and managing his artist’s rigs along the way.

Nordegg is currently on the road with Steve Vai, working as his guitar tech. The two have been working together for two decades. Steve relies on Thomas to make sure his guitar not only is in tune but that it and his pedals are all set up exactly as they need to be. He also walks us through Vai’s nightly rotation of guitars and some of the different hacks that he has come up with. Two tips for making sure the guitar is set up just right are making sure to stretch the strings, that is 90% of the job! Lastly, make sure the strings are clean. You can use fine steel wool with some kind of alcohol to wipe them down.

 Language of Guitar

Nordegg is an experimenter, creator, and player of some of the most beautiful guitars one can ever hope to see. As he plays them, their custom wireless systems combine with his one-of-a-kind audio rack to push out pure magic. Sometimes, or most of the time in life you need to take risks in order to learn new things. Sometimes sounds will work and other times they will not. It is all about the experimentation and fun of it all! Thomas has assembled a personal dream rig at home that can conjure up any and every sound. This should seem obvious that a man who intricately weaves effects to build perfect sounds for others, would need to have a mothership at home.

A passion for technology and playing the guitar is what got him into this industry, so let’s be thankful he had those two things. He is just as much a part of the equation as the people playing the guitars. Yin and Yang, two sides of the same coin. One truly could not exist in the perfect state it is in, without the other.


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