Tom Mics and How to Capture the Best Tone

Tom Mics Audix D2

Tom Mics Video

Check out this video with Mike Snyder and the tom mics he uses.

Rack Toms

In this video, Mike Snyder walks us through micing up his tom-toms. First with two options for placement and the positive and negative of each. He shows us pointing the mic towards the center of the tom vs. pointing the mic down towards the rim of the drum.

Stands Vs. Drum Mount

Next, Mike talks mounts. It can be challenging to have mic stands fit in between all the cymbal stands and other stands you might have on your cut. If you can eliminate a few by using drum mount mic stands, you will have a cleaner and easier setup.

Floor Toms

Mike moves on to the floor tom and his trusty D4. He explains why switching to the D4 for his floor tom and why it excels on this drum. The placement is also a bit different when compared to a rack tom and Mike walks us through where he would place it.

Mic Packs

When shopping for drum mics, you can either buy each one individually or buy a kit. Going with a kit will ensure all of your mics are tuned and eq’ed to work together. Kits come in different sizes and you should get the kit that fits the size of the drum set you are working with. Having enough tom mics is very important and so is having a mic that can handle the high SPL of a kick drum. Another great thing about kits is they normally come in a carrying case. One less thing to worry about purchasing and something that will keep your mic investment safe during travel. Check out the Audix drum kit mic packages and find out that fits your needs and kit.

Audix D2 & D4 Microphones

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Tom Mics

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