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Tom Quayle Interview

Who is Tom Quayle?

Tom Quayle, is a fusion guitar player from Leeds in the UK.  He has been playing since the age of 15 and was inspired by his father’s fingerstyle guitar playing.  This was the spark that ignited the fire of a passion within Tom.  Players such as Steve Vai, Jon Petrucci, and Brett Garsed were some of Tom’s initial inspirations or heroes.  Initially starting with rock technique, Tom developed a huge interest in jazz and fusion and that has been his mainstay since.  Additionally, Tom graduated with a Jazz Performance degree from Leeds College of Music.  Both a studio and live musician, Tom is a jack of all trades.  As well as playing guitar on several projects, Tom has conducted master classes and played all over the world.  Thus giving him acclaim that means he can count several of his heroes including Dweezil Zappa, Jon Petrucci, and Greg Howe among his many fans.  Tom now has a signature guitar, the Ibanez TQM1.

Ibanez Tom Quayle TQM1 Electric GuitarThe Ibanez TQM1

Initially approached by Ibanez at winter NAMM 2017 and asked to test a prototype they had.  His first impression was that he was blown away by the neck and how the guitar had a boutique feel, something that was a departure from Ibanez.  About three months later Tom got a call from Ibanez letting him know they wanted to create a signature guitar for him.  Thus, the Ibanez TQM1 was born.  Based on the AZ series, this guitar has a lot of high-tech features.  Some features include; S Tech wood, which is baked in nitrogen.  This helps to stabilize the wood regardless of climate, so you could play somewhere from Finland to South America.  Additionally, the TQM1 features stainless steel frets, a bone nut, Gotoh locking tuners, abalone inlays and Seymour Duncan Hyperion pickups. Featuring a Monkeypod top that sounds similar to mahogany, and an Alder body.  Finally, the neck carve and belly curve offer great comfort and higher neck access.

Wrap Up

Whether you are a heavy shredding rock player or a jazz fusion player this is a guitar that will undoubtedly be a great choice.  Ibanez has really outdone themselves on the TQM1.  With a slew of features that liken it to a more boutique guitar, it most definitely will not disappoint.  Including an S tech neck, Seymour Duncan Hyperion Pickups, Gotoh locking tuners and a Gotoh locking tremolo bridge this is one shred-friendly instrument.  If you are not familiar with Tom Quayle, you should check out his work.  He has a highly anticipated debut album in the works and has produced an enormous catalog of some of the most successful tuition material for the modern fusion genre.


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