Our List of the Top 1073 Style Preamps in the Game


Top Preamps

This is our list of the top 1073 style Preamps in the game. We have taken the liberty to break it down by brand. Companies including Warm Audio, Neve, Manley Labs, Heritage Audio, Black Lion Audio, and Golden Age Project are all on this list. These are not in any specific order in terms of quality, just some of our favorite products and best in the industry in our opinion. Continue reading for us to drop some Preamp knowledge on you.

Warm Audio

Since their inception in 2011, Warm Audio has had one goal in mind, to bring high-end professional recording and audio production gear to everyday musicians and engineers. They wanted to do so without the hefty price tag. Their award-winning microphones, compressors, preamps, and EQs are designed, developed and tested by their team of experts based in Austin, Texas. For our list, you’ve got two classics: WA73, WA73 EQ, and the WA273. You cannot go wrong with Warm Audio.





Rupert Neve Designs

Everyone at Rupert Neve Designs lives and breathes audio. Guided by its namesake founder and his six decades of absolutely legendary work in the world of sound. Rupert Neve Designs offers the highest level of dedication is an absolute necessity! High-end audio equipment with a twist of modern innovations set Rupert Neve Designs apart from the competition. Most importantly, the two preamps we are featuring on our list are the Portico 5012 and the Shelford.



Manley Labs

Manley Labs, a premium American audio manufacturer, has been around since the late 1980s. First known for its high-end vacuum tube audiophile power amps and preamps. Designed to impress. Built to endure. You know what they say about fine wine getting better with age, Manley Labs proves this adage. Most importantly, all Manley gear is proudly manufactured in the USA.

Heritage Audio






You know what they say: Necessity is the mother of invention. Heritage Audio always strives to model itself after this mindset when building their gear. They offer strong, reliable professional audio products that perform at the highest levels. This philosophy is evident throughout their full lineup including microphone preamps, equalizers, compressors, studio control surfaces, and rack-mount management equipment. Heritage Audio has two slots on our list, the HA73, and the HA73EQ.


Black Lion Audio


For the better part of a decade, Black Lion Audio has been shattering the barriers surrounding professional audio equipment. Offering phenomenal sound at an unbelievable price. Based on the north side of the Windy City, B.L.A. was started to help audio engineers upgrade the sound quality of their gear. Additionally, they have since expanded and are producing boutique digital and analog recording equipment. For our list, we had to add the B173 Neve from Black Lion Audio.


Golden Age Project


Musicians should explore Golden Age Project’s products to find that sweet vintage tone. Golden Age Project continues to provide musicians with the quality audio equipment that reproduces the vintage sounds they grew up listening to. It’s often impossible for musicians to justify spending copious amounts of cash on antique gear. In steps, Golden Age bringing these vintage sounds to all artists at a more affordable price point. This list wouldn’t be complete without something from Golden Age Project, so we have the Pre73 MKIII.


Wrap Up

If you made it this far, you should now have the inside scoop on the top preamps we carry. From Warm Audio to Manley Labs, to Black Lion Audio to Golden Age Project we have a little bit of everything. If you are into pro audio and need to grab a preamp and most importantly need it for a great price go check out American Musical Supply.


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