Top Interviews of 2018

Top Interviews

2018 was a big year for American Musical Supply. We had the opportunity to meet with, and interview several artists this year. Additionally, we had the opportunity to have several exclusive in-studio performances! From guitar player to percussionist to bass players, the interview runs the spectrum. Names the likes of Zakk Wylde, John Petrucci, and Eric Johnson! This list is to go over our top interviews of 2018 and celebrate the year coming to an end and looking forward to 2019!

Victor Wooten

First up, we interview Victor Wooten. He talks Hartke Amplifiers, how he became the bass virtuoso he is now and what he’s working on currently. Always a fan favorite, Victor is not only an amazing bass player but also an awesome dude overall!

Eric Johnson

Next, we have Eric Johnson. In this interview, Eric talks about how his new Signature Semi-Hollow Stratocaster came to fruition. If you are unfamiliar with Eric’s work you should check out the song Cliffs Of Dover. He is one nasty guitarist with an even nastier signature guitar.

Crystal Taliefero

We met up with Multi-Instrumentalist Crystal Taliefero before one of her record-breaking performances with Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden in NYC. In Part 1 of this AMS Exclusive interview, Crystal talks about her gear and relationship with Latin Percussion thru the years.

In Part 2 of this AMS Exclusive interview, Crystal talks about her start and what she learned touring with Iconic artists including John Cougar Mellencamp & Bob Seger.

John Petrucci

In this AMS Exclusive Interview, John Petrucci sits Down to talk about the inception of the John Petrucci line of Ernie Ball Music Man guitars.

John Petrucci talks about his influences & some of the steps he took in becoming the guitar icon he is today. PLUS – Some essential tips for upcoming players.

Nathan Watts

Stevie Wonder’s musical director for 20 years and been in the band for 44 years since songs in the key of life. Spending most of his life in the School of Wonder! In part 1 he goes over how he got started playing bass and eventually ended up playing with Stevie Wonder.

In part 2, Nathan goes over his Hartke rig and what he likes about it. The most important part of his playing undoubtedly, he relies on his amp to be able to play on stage with Stevie.

Jerry Douglas

Jerry Douglas talks about his musical journey from his inspirations starting out to becoming a student of music and playing with Sam Bush, Ricky Skaggs, Bela Fleck & Alison Krauss.

Jerry Douglas talks about his history with resophonic guitars and turning to Fishman Aura in the quest for perfecting their amplification.

Zakk Wylde

Check out our exclusive interview with Zakk Wylde! He spends a little time going over his brand Wylde Audio. Saying that it was a natural progression to start his own brand. He also gives a little inside look into what its like to play with Ozzy Osbourne and his band Black Label Society.

John Ferrara

Check out our exclusive interview with John Ferrara, the bass player of Consider the Source!  He goes into how and why he started playing, his rig and some of his musical projects. In part 2 we get a special treat of John performing. John is a proud Hartke artist who relies on them to get his signature sound.

Oscar Troya

Check out our exclusive interview with Ecuador’s number one DJ, Oscar Troya! He goes into the electronic music scene in Ecuador as well as what gear he uses when playing and mixing music.

Bakithi Kumalo

Check out our exclusive interview with Bakithi Kumalo! Bakithi is known for being Paul Simon’s bass player both live and on the studio album Graceland. Bakithi is a proud user of Phil Jones Bass Amps. In this video, Bakithi goes over his amp he uses and what its like to play with Paul Simon!

Tom Quayle

Tom Quayle shows off his All-New Ibanez Signature Guitar, with versatile switching and a monkeypod top, in the Ibanez Guitars Booth at NAMM 2018. Tom is an amazing guitarist and is absolutely worth giving a listen to if you have not already!

Hunter Hayes

Fresh off the stage in the Ernie Ball Booth, Hunter Hayes talks about Ernie Ball Music Man’s 2018 Cutlass Electric Guitar. Hunter goes on about his love for the Fender Strat and how this was the obvious choice for his signature model!



G3 is an absolutely ridiculous showcasing of three true guitar gods doing what they do best… shredding. Featuring Phil Collen, John Petrucci, and of course the founder Joe Satriani. If you are a fan of any of these amazing musicians or want to learn more about their signature gear than read this article.

Martin Miller

In the Ibanez Guitars booth, Martin Miller gives us an overview of his MM1 Signature Guitar with S-Tech Neck and Seymour Duncan Hyperion humbuckers from Ibanez. Another incredible shredder and songwriter, Martin Miller is absolutely worth checking out!

Vernon Reid

Incredible guitarist & songwriter Vernon Reid sits down for a chat about his spanning music career from his days with Living Colour & how some tracks are still relevant decades later. Living color is a band that seamlessly blends elements of several different genres, creating a sounds all their own.

Vernon Reid talks Guitar Gear and studio recording with some of his favorite audio software in this AMS Exclusive interview.

Tim Pierce

We had the chance to sit down with Tim Pierce at this year’s Experience PRS and find out how he and Paul became friends. Tim talks about working in a studio now vs. the past. He talks about comparing a Silver Sky to a real ’65 Strat. Watch and enjoy.

Buddy Strong

Buddy Strong

Specializing in all things keys, Strong, the newest member of DMB, has been thrown headfirst into the mix. We had a chance to meet up with Buddy Strong at PNC Bank Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ and discuss how he prepped for his role, his favorite gear, and hear about why this gig is unlike any other he’s played before.

Matt Scannell

We had the chance to sit down with Matt Scannell of Vertical Horizon at this year’s Experience PRS and ask him why PRS. If you are not familiar with Matt, he is the singer/guitarist of Vertical Horizon, which is a band you have undoubtedly heard of and if not check them out!

Davy Knowles

We sat down with Davy Knowles at the 2018 Experience PRS event to talk guitars and about some of the bands he has been a part of. Davy is a guitarist who has been playing from a very young age and had dreamt of owning a PRS. He is a modern day bluesman!

Dustie Waring

We had the chance to sit down with Dustie Waring of Between the Buried and Me at this year’s Experience PRS and find out why he plays PRS Guitars. The obvious answer is their incredible edge on the competition and attention to detail. Playing with a band like BTBAM, Dustie needs an axe that can deliver, which makes PRS the only choice.

David Grissom

We had the chance to sit down with Dave Grissom of the Dixie Chicks and John Mellencamp’s band at this year’s Experience PRS and pick his brain a little.

Darrell Scott

We sit down for a chat with Nashville session musician, singer/songwriter Darrell Scott to talk about his work writing music from inspiration to creation.

Dave Weiner

We had the chance to sit down with Dave Weiner of Steve Vai’s band at this year’s Experience PRS and pick his brain. Another guitar legend who is absolutely one that you need to check out!

Wrap Up

Thus concludes our top interviews from 2018! We have interviewed a lot of musicians who are immensely talented and we got to pick their brains a little and find out what drove them to music. There are these and more great interviews on the AMS YouTube channel! Next year will hold even greater exclusive interviews from American Musical Supply, so make sure to come back and check it out!