5 Reasons to Upgrade to the new UA Apollo X


Meet the Apollo X

Universal Audio’s Apollo line of audio interfaces has been an industry standard.  A favorite among home-recordists and pros alike since their introduction in 2012. Their ability to utilize UAD’s powerful line of plugins and run unison emulations of channel strips from legendary companies such as SSL, API, and Neve, has made the “big studio sound” accessible to all. With the introduction of the Apollo X series, UA has added some new features to help your workflow. Here are five reasons to consider the Universal Audio Apollo X8p as your next audio interface:

  1. Hexa-core Processing


All of the Apollo X rackmount interfaces now feature Hexa-Core processing. The additional two share DSP chips, bringing the total up to six in this new generation, means you can take more advantage of UAD’s plugin platform and create richer setups for both tracking and mixing.

Apollo X Face UA Universal Audio X8P


  1. New I/O Scheme


The ability to connect an eight input Apollo to a patch bay has long been a user-requested feature. The introduction of the Apollo X8p makes it possible. In addition to the familiar set of eight XLR/TRS combo input jacks, the Apollo X8p also features D-Sub connectors for the analog line inputs and outputs. Simply connect the combo jacks using XLRs to an XLR patch panel. Use the D-Sub connectors to connect the line ins and outs to a patch bay.

UA Apollo X8p Back Apollo X

  1. Built-in Talkback Mic


Talkback can be such a huge time saver during a session. Implementing it properly has traditionally required another piece of gear that takes care of the mic input and speaker dimming. The Apollo X8p features a built-in talkback mic. It also takes care of the speaker dimming for you, so there is no risk of feedback.

Apollo X Rack UA

  1. Switchable Headroom


If you incorporate any vintage or analog equipment such as preamps or tape machines into your workflow, the Apollo X line features headroom that is switchable from +20 dBu to +24 dBu. This enables driving your analog gear to its sweet spot without clipping the Apollo’s front end and provides a way to transfer to analog tape with the correct headroom.

apollo x

  1. Built-in Surround Monitoring


With streaming services like Netflix creating their own programming, the ability for engineers to easily create surround mixes is becoming key. The Apollo X8p features a monitor controller with speaker calibration. This can be used to create a variety of surround setups up to 7.1.

UA Universal AUdio Apollo X Rack

Of course, the updates to the Apollo X line don’t stop here. Improved A/D and D/A conversion across all of the new models. This ensures you will be capturing your recordings and creating your mixes with the highest fidelity. These new features transform the Apollo X8p from just “an interface” to a serious contender for the centerpiece of your studio.


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