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V-Moda Crossfader Wireless

If you are an audiophile, then you most likely have two things; a great pair of speakers/monitors and a great pair of headphones.  Whether they are large noise cancelling over the ear headphones or ear buds, the sound quality is the most important component.  What if you could have headphones that were not only high quality, but also highly fashionable and stylish.  Well V-Moda has solved this problem and has brought an entirely new element to the headphone game.V-Moda Earbuds

The Missing Link

Val Kolton and designer Joseph Bucknail created the first V-Moda headphones to be unveiled at the Magic/PROJECT fashion show in 2004 .  V-Moda use various metals instead of plastic to create that missing link in aesthetics and sound quality.  A true fashion/lifestyle brand that is centered around music.  This was a relatively untouched concept or market, as many people would just choose cheap generic headphones rather than treating them as an accessory.

V-Moda HeadphonesVal had a vision in mind; that vision was to show the world that headphones are accessories not just electronics. Initially Val was met with harsh criticism from both the fashion and electronics industries.  On one hand he was being told that headphones were electronics and not an accessory. On the other he was being told that headphones were not a significant category. Companies like Apple and Virgin seemed to have thought differently, as both have added V-Moda headphones into their line. Through perseverance and hard work V-Moda has grown and partnered with Roland in 2016.

V-Moda Wrap Up

In conclusion V-Moda is a company that has a bit of a fairy tale ending.  Though the beginning was a bumpy road they have grown and truly linked the fashion and electronics industries.  Now you can purchase headphones that look and sound great. Today the company has sold over 4 million high-end headphones around the world, and V-Moda is the preferred brand of many of the world’s most popular DJs and modern audiophiles alike.

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