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Hand-Wired. American-Made. Vintage Re-inspired. These are some of the words that come to mind when thinking about a Valvetrain amp. They are beastly tone machines that are ready to help you make a statement. Every ValveTrain is hand-built at their workshop in Altamonte Springs, Florida and is equipped with the sturdiest of high-quality components. What are these components you ask? Well, how about Eminence and Weber VST speakers, ClassicTone transformers, jacks from Switchcraft and Cliff, and switches from Carling and Mountain. As a guitar player, your amp needs to be able to stare down any situation and work as a hard as you do. ValveTrain combo cabinets are made from solid pine or birch, making them road-ready, fully resonant, and ready to rock!


The 205 is Valvetrain Amps nod to the 1955 Fender 5F2A Princeton. This amp has a huge tone in a compact package. This is a faithful recreation of a classic amp, that still captures the same soulful tone of the original.


Trenton Pro

The Trenton is here to answer the needs of today’s guitar players. Offering up two distinct switchable voices with all hand wired, all tube circuit. The RAW switch cuts the tone control and gives you that early 60s’ blackface vintage tweed sound. The Bright switch will add glass and bite to your tone.

Bennington Pro

The Bennington Pro is an amp that is perfectly at home in a club or a studio. 45 watts, tone shaping controls, and a footswitch enabled RAW mode. It also boasts the Valvetrain Amps voiced all tube spring reverb, and as always point to point hand wiring and Eminence Speakers.

Valvetrain Amps

Powertrain Stage 20 & 50

The Stage 20 and Stage 50 were created for the guitarist who needs convenience and versatility of a modeling amp, but wants and needs that classic tube tone. They were created for today’s modern guitar player and bring all tube analog power to a digital world. They are 20 and 50 watts respectively as the name implies. Either of these amps would be perfectly at home in a club, studio or in your living room.

Valvetrain Amps











Why choose ValveTrain?

  • Custom wound ClassicTone power transformers.
  • Speakers are from Eminence or custom built for us by Weber VST.
  • Our combo cabinets are solid pine or baltic birch plywood for true Old School tone.
  • Switchcraft and Cliff jacks and switches from Carling and Mountain

So to summarizse, Valvetrain is a newer company that is really making a name for themselves. They offer great quality hand wired amps that sound amazing and will definiely stand the test of time. Go to americanmusical.com to check out our selection of Valvetrain Amps!