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Victor Wooten is a Bass virtuoso, well known for both his work with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones as well as his solo projects. Unique percussive styling while playing is Victors calling card.  He is known for playing melodies, chords, and rhythms so he needs a speaker that has both a fat low end as well as the highs that can cut through the mix.  These factors make up the reasons why Victor is an avid endorser of Hartke amps.


Hartke HyDrive Cabinets

Victor’s go to cabinet is the HyDrive series including the HD410, the HD210, and the HD112.  Though known for being the first to make all aluminum speakers, Hartke really gained Victor’s attention when they introduced the HyDrive series.  The key feature of the HyDrive series is the half paper, half aluminum speakers.  This helps to deliver the heavy bottom end as well as the higher end allowing higher end percussive playing. Known for tapping, chords, and different melodies, Victors playing can all be clearly heard cutting through the mix by using his HyDrive cabinet.

Victor Wooten’s Signature SoundHartke HD210

Wooten’s signature sound is very unique.  Laying down both traditional bass lines, he also adds different textures and layers.  He goes on to say that he was the fifth born of five brothers who were all musicians.  Wooten says that he would steal or borrow different styling or rhythms from all four of his brothers.  The germ of the idea of Wooten’s unique style he says came from being influenced by all four of his brothers playing different instruments ranging from drums to saxophone to keyboard. Aside from touring with the Victor Wooten Trio featuring Dennis Chambers on drums and Bob Franceschini on saxophone, Victor also runs an annual music camp and has for 19 years.  Additionally, he is almost finished writing his second book the sequel to The Music Lesson.  Finally, Victor teaches for one week a month at Berkeley College of Music in Boston, MA.

Wrap Up

If you are not familiar with Victor Wooten as a musician, I highly recommend that you check him out.  You can expect an amazing show while he runs the gamut with his trio touring through the rest of 2018.  A bass player that not only can lay down traditional funky bass lines but also will blow you away with completely unique and individual style.  Furthermore, check out the Hartke HyDrive cabinets if you want to spice up your playing and add a little Wooten flair to your style.


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