Welcome to AMS Focal!


Welcome, Focal!

Focal has been creating benchmark acoustic equipment since 1979. They dabble in such markets as home audio loudspeakers, headphones, car speaker drivers and loudspeakers. Their bread and butter so to speak are speaker drivers and high-fidelity loudspeakers. Focal has a set of core values based on the union of technology, materials, and design. They don’t cut corners in any of their products and constantly push the limits of sound to offer a truly unique listening experience.

The Focal Sound

Whatever product you choose, you can be sure that you’ll be listening to the sound of the original work. Hear the music the way it was intended to be heard every time, whether it is on headphones or monitors. Their studio monitors bring your audio to the forefront and they are ready to assist you in your journey of producing music. Additionally, their stereo headphones honor an artist’s musical creation with stunning accuracy and provide a truly unique listening experience.

Listen Professional

Listen Professional closed-back headphones are an essential tool for giving sound engineers total control over their work. Whether in the studio or on a business trip. Most noteworthy is their indisputable acoustic performance and maximum comfort.


The ergonomic design of Elegia makes them incredibly comfortable and offers excellent sound isolation. Thus making these headphones the ideal solution for long listening sessions.

Clear Professional

Clear Professional are open-back headphones that take reference audio to incredible heights for discerning listeners who demand the best! They introduce an evolution of the Focal totally open- back full-range driver.

Alpha Series

Alpha 50 5-Inch Monitor

The power-packed Alpha 50 is the most compact of the Focal Alpha line, but don’t be fooled by its compact design! This beauty provides producers, musicians and any listener with an immersive, sonically balanced experience to achieve the best mix possible!

Alpha 65 6.5-Inch Monitor


The Focal Alpha 65 is equipped with a 1 inch (25mm) tweeter and a 6.5 inch (16.5cm) woofer along with a smart design and high-quality components, making it ideal for home studios of all types!

Alpha 80 8-Inch Monitor


The flagship of the Focal Alpha line, the Alpha 80 studio monitor provides high-end components, a simple, smart design, and powerful and accurate audio for studios of all types!

Shape Series

Shape 40 4-Inch Monitor


The Shape 40 delivers incredible sound and surprising low-end in a compact design! This is the most compact studio monitor in the Focal Professional line. Don’t let their size fool you because these monitors have remarkable capabilities.

Shape 50 5-Inch Monitor


Greatly versatile and ideally suited for any studio looking for a high-end nearfield monitor solution, the Shape 50 from Focal is an incredible sonic powerhouse that is ready to take any mix to the next level!

Shape 65 6.5-Inch Monitor


Shape 65 6.5-Inch Monitor is the reference of Focal’s incredible Shape line. This monitor enables extraordinary monitoring quality, in the lowest to the highest frequencies.

Shape Twin Dual 5-Inch Monitor


Shape Twin is the standard bearer of the Shape series. It stands out through its excellent rendering of the whole audio spectrum. Most noteworthy is its broad frequency response in the low end and high SPL considering its size. The compact design makes it easy to integrate, even into the most cramped of rooms.

Thus concludes our article on Focal. We are very happy to add them to the AMS family and know you will be too. Their monitors and headphones alike are top of the line, so if you are remodeling your studio check out Focal now at AMS!

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