Line 6 Helix – Which one is right for me?

Line 6

Which Line 6 Helix is right for me?

The HX Stomp is the latest addition to the Line 6 Helix range of processors. It joins the ranks of the Helix LT, Rack, and Floor units, and the HX Effects. However, with the introduction of new models comes the need for clarity, so you may be wondering; which Helix is right for me?

Assess Your Needs

First up, assess your needs and preferred method of getting your tone. Do you primarily rely on an amp and pedal-board setup? Or are you interested in having your whole rig, amp tones and all, housed in one package? Either way, there is a Line 6 Helix processor to fit your needs.

HX Effects


If you’re an avid pedal-board user who relies solely on an amp to get your tone, the HX Effects is a good choice. It can run up to 9 blocks of Helix effects models in a pedal-board friendly form factor. Stomp switch control makes it easy to bring Line 6’s powerful effect modeling algorithms to any setup. Even though the HX Effects does not have amp or cabinet modeling it can run impulse responses which is a nice plus. Two stereo-linkable effects loops are great for incorporating existing pedals or for using the four-cable method. The HX Effects can also be used to switch amp channels and send midi commands, making it a solid choice as the control center for an amp/pedal-board setup.

HX Stomp

The HX Stomp is capable of running up to 6 blocks (DSP permitting) of Helix amp, cabinet, AND effects models. It is small enough to fit into the pocket of a gig bag. The HX Stomp is hard to beat for a portable, complete rig solution that can easily handle rehearsals, jam sessions, and fly-dates. The small form factor also means the HX Stomp is ideal for amp and pedal-board players who want to have access to Line 6’s powerful effects while having the ability to augment a traditional setup with amp and cabinet modeling.

Line 6

Helix LT, Floor, or Rack


If you’re ready to ditch your amp and pedal-board in favor of a comprehensive modeling processor, the Helix LT, Helix Floor, and Helix Rack are the obvious choices. With a plethora of routing and control options, these processors offer a “one-stop-tone-shop” that can deliver authentic sounding rigs from boutique clean to low gain, to all out-metal tones, as well as everything in between.


Interface for Recording

It is worth it to note that the HX Stomp, Helix LT, Helix Rack, and Helix Floor processors can also double as a high-quality USB audio interface. They have a dedicated dry out channels for reamping, making all of them a convenient rig for recording.


Regardless of your preferred playing style, there is a Line 6 Helix that can meet your needs. Check them all out at

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