Why you should give the new PRS Silver Sky a chance


Over the past year, John Mayer has been teasing the guitar community with the Silver Sky. A guitar that looks a lot like his older signature model. The one thing we could see without knowing the details were the birds on the neck and the 3+3 PRS headstock. He would show up at a gig with this prototype or post a picture of it on Instagram.

The Silver SkySilver Sky

On March 5th, we finally learned everything we have been wanting to know about this new John Mayer signature PRS guitar. At first glance, it does look like a Stratocaster with a PRS neck. When writing this, please know I have only seen and read what everyone else has. I have not gotten my hands on one yet. So first, why should we all give this guitar a chance?

There are a ton of other guitar companies that make a terrific S style guitar. Companies like G and L that have Leo Fender as part of their history, to companies like Nash and Suhr. All of these companies make a top-notch S style guitar. When these brands started or came out with these S style models, we gave them a chance.

Paul Reed Smithsilver_sky_photo4

PRS is a company of guitar innovations. Whether you like the guitars or not, you have to respect a company that has innovated its whole lifespan as a company. From their locking tuners that are now in the 3rd generation to a tremolo bridge that lets you use the arm and keep the guitar in tune. Paul Reed Smith is always looking at the smallest of details on the guitar and thinks up ways to make them better. To assume that Mr. Smith just simply made a strat body and bolted on one of his necks is crazy. That is not his style nor his business model since 1985.

So let’s look at some of the details and upgraded innovations on this guitar.

The Radiused Output Jack-

This little detail makes it a little bit easier to plug and unplug your guitar. This would be something most manufacturers would overlook, but not PRS.

The Neck Shape-Silver Sky Neck

It is a mix of two of John Mayer’s favorite strats from the mid-’60s. It also has a round fretboard radius that keeps it real to a traditional 60’s era strat. This is one feature I thought they would have flattened out a bit but makes me even more excited to try it and feel how it does on bends.


Silver Sky Headstock


The Headstock-

Paul’s headstock design makes string tree’s not necessary. The nut material and the break angle allow the string to move freely when bending. This might take a minute to get used to but the design of his headstock can only make this another great S style guitar.



Let’s Keep It Real-

John Mayer can play or have made, pretty much any piece of gear he wants to. Any company would love to team up with him so they can put his name on the item. He doesn’t throw his name on everything. John left one guitar company to work with a different guitar company that wanted to innovate and takes the guitars that he loves to another level. He doesn’t put his name on gear that isn’t some of the best stuff available and this Silver Sky series should be no different.

So, after reading about the PRS Silver Sky John Mayer Signature guitar, I am going to give it a chance. Currently, I own two Fender Strats and one PRS McCarty. I am a huge fan of both brands and the guitars I have. For me, this is taking my little guitar collection and smashing it together.

After you get your hands on one, let us know what you think of the PRS Silver Sky.




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